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Aftermath - Main Club - Albuquerque

 The darkness of the club is nearly enveloping, the deep heavy pounding of the music thumping through the room. Everything is painted black, walls, floor and ceiling; only occasionally broken by steel or chrome decorations. Rectangular in shape, this club is defined by its round dance floor which dominates the center. Steps down lead to the pit of writhing bodies while metal railings and chrome fencing keep the loiterers on the upper tier separated from the dedicated dancers. Directly opposite of the main entrance is a stage that perches above the pit. A pair of bars can be found along the walls to either side in the cool down zones. Identical in decor, the bars stretch along the walls; the seats steel as are the handrails that run their length. The walls behind them are packed with liquor, the taps of beer change with the season. To the left of the stage is a door marked private, to the right is the emergency exit as well as the backstage area.

 TV's are hung up around the room, chain link fencing over the screens. High backed booths are separated by short lengths of chrome fencing. The loud sounds of assorted Metal reverberates off the walls and most of the light comes from the televisions, which show music videos and horror movie clips. The atmosphere is dark with muted flashes of light; there are lots of dark nooks and shadows. Milling around the room are a couple of large men wearing employee shirts, and from the way they keep an eye on the crowd look to be the club's security.

Obvious exits:
Out <O>   Private Office <PO>