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Albuquerque Biological Park — Parking Lot

  Only a stone's throw from the legendary Rio Grande and its cottonwood bosque, the Albuquerque Biological Park invites you to explore the mystery and diversity of living organisms in a beautiful setting. This well-guarded parking lot for the complex has space for hundreds of cars. Overall, the BioPark has an estimated 6,000 animals, 11,000 plants, 300 staff, and 350 volunteers. The BioPark is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
  The core facilities at this location include the Albuquerque Aquarium in the east section, and the Rio Grande Botanic Garden just a short walk across the courtyard due west. To the southwest, the brightly colored Zoo Tram whisks visitors to the world-famous Rio Grande Zoo. To the northwest, a trail leads to the Rio Grande Nature Center, which is a park preserve for the varied wildlife of the cottonwood groves that line the river. The main exit is toward Central Avenue to the south, while a group of administrative buildings can be seen toward Menaul Blvd to the northeast.

Obvious exits:
The Zoo - Dayzone <SW>  Botanic Garden - Dayzone <BG>  Aquarium <A>  Rio Grande Nature Center <NW>  Central Avenue <S>  Menaul Blvd <NE>