Carry Policy

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Carry Policy

As you may know from the manual, it is APD policy that all officers carry weapons off duty. This is for various reasons. The main is that it is a proven fact that most cop slayings occur when the officer is OFF DUTY.

You may have noticed almost all of the clubs in the city have some form of security set in their +Views. Our policy is strict. We go armed. In order to properly enter a club/public place with security set, to avoid complications is this, once entering very subtly talk with security. Look like you are shooting the shit with them. RP drawing out your wallet. No mention of your shield need be mentioned if the scene doesn't warrant it. I will give a sample pose in a moment. This is to set that ICly staff allowed you in with your sidearm. If you DO NOT DO THIS you will be considered disarmed. APD will be most un-amused to find you have allowed city property to be confiscated. Fornax sidearms are essentially classified!

            Example: John Doe slips into the club slowly. He smiles to the searching security 
            staff and begins to talk to them. While doing so he removes his wallet and keeps it 
            close to himself, between security and himself. The wallet is put away and after a 
            few more minutes of conversation, he enters the club.

Note how ambiguous this is. People can assume a bribe just occurred. You DO NOT NEED TO CONTACT MASQ STAFF FOR THIS POSE. You are not bribing them. You are showing them your ID. As far as I am aware. NO CLUB or business in the Mush/city refuses armed APD officers. One tried in the past. APD Officer ceased going there. They changed their policy. With the amount of shootings and Something Bad Happening most WANT you there. You are like free armed security anyways. Other players may contact you over what your pose was about. You need not tell them. If they wish to know ICly, they should RP appropriately. If you are comfortable with the other player those involved may judge the scene themselves. Perhaps they saw a glint of silver. Etc. If a fight breaks out and the argument is that you are unarmed then you may summon staff, or continue to trust the other players. But of course, as always if you have questions ask a staffer! That is what we are here for! We will not get mad.

If you have any questions on this matter. Feel free to contact policestaff.