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Name: Doctor Daniella Rogers

Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Emergency Surgeon
Demeanor: Architect
Apparent Age: Mid-thirties

Nickname: Doc or Dani.

Reaching for the scraper, Stephen nods in thanks. At mention of the Apothecary he laughs through his nose. "No no, the tea is good, I'll give you that, but don't tell me a trained scientist like you is into all that homeopathic nonsense?"

"Why not? I mean, what did people use before there were pharmaceutical companies and manufactured drugs?" Dani finds herself an empty(ish) work bench to lean against. "I agree that some of it is no better than a placebo but some of it comes from the plants that form the base for many of the drugs we use today."
Lighting up a nearby burner, Stephen reaches for a glass beaker and fills it with water from the tap, before placing it atop the heat. "So the spell books on 'how to make your man love you' or 'prayers to make you rich' are equally valid then?" His voice still friendly, with a hint of banter as opposed to true mocking.
Daniella snorts. "Not in the way that most people think," she says. One hand comes out of her pocket and waves around as she speaks. "A lot of it is about positive mental thinking ... Like, some shy girl does a "spell" to get a guy, which gives her the confidence to talk to him because she thinks it'll work ... and because she's spoken to him, it does work. No magic involved."
Stephen considers this for a moment, then nods his head to the side, "Fair enough." He reaches into a metal tin beside the burner and carefully measures a small amount of dry brown powder into the water, stirring it with a glass rod. "Ok, so you did you psych too. You have to admit, some folks take this stuff too seriously though."
"How could you tell?" Dani says with a grin. "And yeah, I admit that they do. But hey - if it works for people, who are we to force them to be medicated or go onto other avenues of treatment? I'm a pretty firm believer in using whatever works."

RP Hooks
  • Are you hurt? Daniella might be the one treating you in the ER.
  • Is there an emergency? She sometimes goes out with the EMTs.
  • Do you live in the Desert Skyline apartments?
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

A woman in her early thirties. Her hair is a dark brown with a few grey streaks and is held back in a blue clip. Her face is pleasant without being especially attractive, with hazel eyes, a short nose and lips that have a quick brushing of gloss. That's the only make-up on her, and the faint lines around her eyes remain bare to see.

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Allies and Contacts
Lab guy. Thanks for the work. And the tea. Neighbour. How's that for a co-incidence? I'm sure I'll run into you again. Head doc. You take care of the minds, I'll deal with the bodies. And the pizza WAS delicious.