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Dans en Siel - Dance, Yoga, and Gymnastics - Albuquerque

  This building is a dance school, and its first two floors are dedicated almost entirely to this function. Just off the main entrance is a stairwell and elevator, and a large reception area with a polished antique desk where someone is always situated to take calls, greet newcomers, set schedules and provide information. In this same lobby area are comfortable chairs for waiting parents or visitors, with potted plants to give comfortable ambiance. There is a coffee/tea/water station as well, with magazines centered around dance, athletics, and other physical art.
  Framed and in cases throughout the lobby/reception area are shining examples of dance clothing and accessories for various ages, from toe and tap shoes to tutus to spangled competition outfits on posed mannequins, all of which are for sale through in-house catalogues. In handy spots on the walls are framed business licenses, awards from competitions and exciting action shots of top students and instructors.
  One ground floor room is not used for dance at all, but is instead a secure day care for employees and students to use, filled with toys, colorful paintings and carpeting, with several attendants to care for kids while their parents are busy.
  Access to the third floor of the building is restricted, requiring keys for locks at doors and elevator.

Obvious exits:
3rd Floor <3>  Out <O>