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Name: Lou Scuzzi

Nationality: American
Occupation: Police Officer
Demeanor: Curmudgeon
Apparent Age: Mid Fifties

Nickname: Probably not too complimentary if one arises

"Show me one good reason to be happy."

"I prefer to think of life as that speck of grit in the oyster itself... incredibly annoying and half the time it produces nothing of value."

"Lou, you're an ass."
RP Hooks
Occasionally found making folks miserable in the Three Fools Tavern.

Whilst out wandering the streets or commit a crime, get murdered, get mauled and Lou will be there to make some dour observation.

None yet!
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
The weathered features of this middle aged male are plump and wrinkled. His dark brown eyes are deep set, whilst his eyebrows are bushy and his brow creased and wrinkled with three permanent lines crossing his brow. His brown hair is unruley, windswept and unkempt, no doubt never having seen a comb in a while. His nose is thick and bulbous in nature, although a little crooked it certainly doesn't seem out of place on this plump and weathered face. His lips are slightly pinched, a wrinkle here or there starting to show about his mouth, though for the most part his upper lip is engulfed by a bushy brown moustache. His cheeks are somewhat rounded and his face in dire need of a good shave. Black stubble, several days growth at least ensuring a perpetual shadow is etched across his face, providing some shading for his double chin. His overall build is certainly overweight, his stomach is pronounced and bulky for sure given he stands at about six foot in height.

He is currently dressed in a cheap grey suit that does appear to have seen a few more years than is good for it. The white shirt he wears is creased and marred by two ink stains by the breast pocket, the buttons tightly sewn with varying colour of thread and certainly noticeable against the white fabric. The shirt itself mostly hidden from view by the blue kevlar vest he wears, its protective layers covering his, chest, stomach and back; whilst the white letters on the front read: POLICE. Also attached to the vest is a silver APD Police shield. About his neck is worn a loose yellow tie, the collar to his shirt left unfastened allowing the tie itself to hang somewhat haphazardly. About his neck and visible over the tie is worn a simple silver chain that rests against the fabric of his shirt, the tiny disc upon the chain bearing an engraving of Saint Michael. Over the shirt and kevlar is worn a grey single breasted jacket, the elbows of which have been padded and patched. Beneath the jacket, attached to his large and sturdy belt is a leather holster within which his bulky sidearm is secured and likewise his APD radio is also attached. His trousers likewise grey and crumpled. His clothing does little with regard to getting any more colourful, it just remains simple, understated and plain. Upon his feet, he wears polished and well tended leather brogues which have seen a few scuffs and knocks in their time.


Allies and Contacts
George Hansard
Insert Witty remark. For God's sake Lou, shut the fuck up and quit your griping. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.