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Name: Luca Cooper

Nationality: Anglo-Romany, from County Durham, UK
Occupation: Chemical Lab Technician
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Apparent Age: Late 20's to early 30's

Nickname: Luke, Dr. Cooper, Doc

"I'm amazing."
Jozka, cause he made this wiki for Luca.

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • Chemical lab tech
  • Has working knowledge of many sciences
  • Well-traveled
  • Swoons at the sight of Jozka's hot bod
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Luca is a well built man. On the short side, measuring at around 5 feet 7 inches. He's not a thinly man, he is genetically prone to being mesomorphic, and as such comes off as stocky. He has darker blue penetrating eyes that swim with understanding and wears contacts. If this man was walking down the street you wouldn't think too much of him. You might venture at asking him how he got such delicately tanned skin, as though the sun has but kissed him. His skin almost blends with his light brown hair. You can clearly tell he is either in late twenties or early thirties, the lines around his eyes tell his age like neon signs. He is currently wearing a casual t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Nothing special at all. This is his usual attire on a random outing or preparing for bed. His smile is genuine and warm, and his laugh boisterous and soothing. His voice itself tells of someone who values humour.

Allies and Contacts
Murro phral si maj dilo. Murro phralorro. Voliv wo. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.