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Nicodemus Ivanov

Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Owner of Luna Vina Winery
Demeanor: Predator

Nickname: Nic
Played By: Alexander Skarsgard

Birthdate: Dec 31st
Age: 21
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue
Build: Athletic
Height: 6'4
"Insert witty quote."
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"Insert witty quote."
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
Pale, golden blond hair has been allowed to grow long, tied into a small tail at the nape of this mans neck. Loose, it would likely brush the tops of broad shoulders and frame a face that has been drawn along sharply aristocratic lines. Carrying himself with confidence and grace, he is indeed tall at 6'4" There is little that is soft or gentle in this mans features, all hard lines and angles. Eyes of a pale, ice-blue add a chilly touch to those features. His skin is pale, but not in the least unhealthy looking. There is a vitality showing beneath his sharply chiseled cheekbones, a strong jawline and the sensual curve of lips. A hint of icy-fire in those pale eyes.

A shirt of pastel blue is worn open down the front. Revealing a white undershirt tucked into his summerweight slacks. The shirt clings to an athletic frame, the pendant on a gold chain hidden behind that cloth. Upon his legs are summerweight slacks of pale cream, perfectly matching the leather of his shoes. Around his waist is a white leather belt, with a chromed buckle showing a raptors talon clutching a golden disk. On his left ring finger, he wears a heavy gold band worked with an intricate crest.

Allies and Contacts