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The Rio Grande Zoo — African Savannah — Dayzone — Albuquerque

  This entire section of the Zoo has been landscaped to resemble the African Savannah. The various animal habitats are designed to give the subtle impression that one is on a wild African safari. Wide, rolling plains of golden jungle grass stretch as far as the eye can see within these enclosures. The Rio Grande Zoo possesses one of the finest collection of hooved African animals, as evidenced by the numerous varieties of antelope, including the Bongo, the Gerenuk, the sable, long-necked impalas, Red Duikers, kudu, and Steinbok antelopes. Alongside a number of giraffes and gazelles, these antelopes graze and gambol, seemingly unaware that they are in captivity.
  A family of African elephants lives in a spacious enclosure; they are all part of a special daily Pachyderm show which shows off the intelligence of these giant animals. Tapirs, warthogs, and a rare black rhino are all housed in this area. Farther off, a special "Cat Walk" is designed to give visitors a good view of some of the Zoo's feline inhabitants. Lions, cheetahs, and leopards are the African Savannah's most famous predators and visitors often squint, trying to get a glimpse of these powerful cats.

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