Rio Grande Zoo - Tropical Rain Forest/Description

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The Rio Grande Zoo — Tropical Rain Forest — Dayzone — Albuquerque

  This section of the Zoo houses animals which live in tropical and sub-tropic climates. The tropical rain forest is the richest and most productive environment on Earth, due to the constant high temperatures and rain fall. A real effort has been made to make the landscaping and atmosphere of these mini-habitats resemble nature. The air is humidified inside the custom-built enclosures, making the animals feel truly "at home." Large, leafy trees such as banyans, banana trees, and strangler figs are found throughout the exhibits; moss and vines hang down for the full effect.
  A variety of creatures are housed in this area. An enclosure with a pool contains some capybara, which splash and swim noisily. Giant otters, giant anteaters, tapirs, peccaries, and tree sloths are all on display here as well. There's a reptile house containing anacondas, boas, pythons, and caimans. And another section of the "Cat Walk" allows visitors to see some more mighty felines. Several tigers, including a rare white tiger, loll around in big recessed enclosures which allow them to really stretch out and play. Jaguars, those fierce hunters of the Amazon, have their own roomy habitat.

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