Serenity Self-Defense Academy/Description

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Serenity Self-Defense Academy -- Training Room -- Albuquerque

 Open space is largely dominated by a slate grey floor matting. The area directly around the door and to either side of the large bay windows contains exercise equipment of both the technological and the free weight sort, as well as a large counter behind which is a computer and a pair of stools. Along the back wall is a floor to ceiling mirror with a long golden railing running the entire length and bolted into the frame to either side of the reflective glass. Several hooks hang from the ceiling for connecting punching and dodge bags, while in one corner a stationary speed bag hangs red and bruised from constant use.

 The equipment section is a long shelf that extends out from one side of a closet in which the unused punching bags, bust bags, and tackle dummies are located. On the shelf itself are provided gloves for both boxing and fingerless gloves for mixed martial arts. A can of disinfectant sits beside these to be sprayed after every use. Along with these are punch pads to be worn by trainers.

 Hanging above the floor to ceiling mirror is an orange and black three foot flag that reads 'RANGERS' in gold text on a black background with a golden frame. An American flag hangs with the stars sideways and the stripes extending down towards the floor, along with various other posters and other moderately spaced decorations. At the back of the spacious room is the door that leads to a stairwell leading up to the office, as well as out to the back garden.

Obvious exits:
Office Door <OD>   Garden Door <GD>  Out <O>