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So you want to be a Vampire?

Vampire: the Masquerade is the original World of Darkness role-playing game of personal horror and intrigue. Upon the crux of this system, almost all else was built in the World of Darkness. By this token, vampires are essential to almost any WoD environment in order to make it feel authentic and enriched.
Approval Staff
Augury handles all approvals.
Application Guidelines:
Vampire applications will be processed in the following way:
  1. When you reach the end of Chargen, it will open a job for you to flag staff attention. (Be sure to set +files for your backgrounds! +help file)
  2. If you need any merits or flaws, add them in a comment to the job.
  3. Add the name of your character's sire and the date of your character's embrace to the job.
  4. Add your timezone to the job, staff uses this to coordinate scenes.
  5. Once your bg has been reviewed by Vampstaff then you will be approved for play.

The goal of vampstaff is to process concepts/bgs every day so that all characters can be approved for play in 24-48 hours.

Sphere Openings:
The game will be limited to the following Clans:
Brujah Toreador Tremere
Ventrue Gangrel Nosferatu
Malkavians Caitiff

Your character can be Camarilla, Anarch, or Unaffiliated.
There will be no PC Sabbat.
Starting stats remain the same, regardless of how old your character may be.
Preference shown toward Neonates and Ancilla. Anything older than 200 may not be approved.

Sphere Theme:
Welcome to the Vampire Wild West.

In 1706, when Albuquerque was founded as the Spanish colonial outpost of Ranchos de Alburquerque, the Camarilla was there. A Prince was raised, Prince Alouicious St. Amant, of the Toreador. He ruled with a beautiful but iron fist until 2008, when his power and authority were undercut by Ventrue, and he was deposed for Timothy Smith.

Naturally, Clan Toreador did not take well to having their Prince and prestige so abused. Thanks to a well timed Sabbat invasion that had Timothy hunkered safely in his haven, he missed out on the manuevering of his political enemies, and lost his position due to cowardice and conniving in 2009.

Toreador wrenched back their City into the hands of Prince Allison Brightlight, who ruled with a loving but iron fist until 2010, supported by Clan Nosferatu, when she lost her pretty head.

Who better to pick up the reign of an embattled, divided city? Brujah. A self-claimed Ancilla who went only by the name Bernard, announced himself with the support of Clan Tremere and surprisingly, Clan Toreador. As these were the only clans with Primogen left in the city, there was no dissent.

However, too little too late. With the prolonged assault of the Sabbat and unfortunate breaks in the Masquerade, Albuquerque has become a fertile hunting ground for Hunters. Tremere have withdrawn to the safety of far off Chantries, until order can be restored. But will it be? Because in these nights, Prince Bernard and the Toreador Primogen have disappeared. Have they fled? Are they dead? No one knows.

Will someone rise up to this doomed Princedom and restore order? Will the Sabbat take hold? Will Hunters prevail in wiping the undead from the streets?

Will this be your Kindred's shot at living in freedom without the threat of a Sect to curtail your nightly moves?

There is no law in Albuquerque right now, except what you can call your own.