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So you want to spend some XP

Experience points are awarded on a number of factors: Primarily players vote for each other using the +xp/vote system (type +help xp for details on how to use the system). You can also nominate fellow players for additional bonus XP using the +rec command (+help rec). Staff may also give out XP for good scenes and for building public projects or helping with code. Finally, a very small amount is given to each player based on the time spent active.

Spending XP XP Costs
To use Experience points (XP) to improve your character, please submit your request using the jobs system by typing:

+xprequest <Stat> <New Level>=<Justification>.

The justification should include such information as: what steps you are taking to learn/hone/use this stats, whether or not you have an instructor, and any other relevant information.

Example: +xprequest Brawl 3=For the past two months, I've been taking martial arts classes at a local Dojo and honing my skills at bare-handed combat, especially grappling and punching. I have been working out three times a week and sparring with a succession of partners.

XP requests without justification will not be approved. In addition, wizards reserve the right to refuse specific XP requests in the name of game balance.

Please note that this is NOT identical to the books.
New Ability 3
Ability current rating x 2
Attribute current rating x 4
Background current rating x 3
Willpower current rating
Humanity current rating x 2
Virtue current rating x 2
  • To raise any stat to 4 or higher, double the cost again. For example, to raise an attribute to level 4, it costs 3 x 4 x 2=24XP.
  • Post-chargen, secondary abilities cost the same as primary abilities to raise via XP.
  • Vampires
  • Shifters