Zoie - Coffee Catchup

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IC:  09/16/2008
RL: 03/15/2011

Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins Express - Albuquerque

 Orange and Pink. One half of the room, separated from the other by a low faux-wood barrier, is a donut shop; the other is an ice cream parlour. The perfect fusion of American junk foods. On the donut side, a bright display board with sandwich offerings, beverage options, and donut flavors lights the two-station counter below. The other side of the barrier is dedicated to the equally sweet art of ice cream confection. Three large coolers, with sloped glass fronts for easy viewing, have been filled with 31 bins of brightly colored ice cream. Flavor boards, price lists, and pictures of fabulous ice cream cakes are mounted above the cash register. A gentle pattern of orange and pink splotches dances across the white background of the wallpaper, giving the whole store a cheerful and gaudy feel, and tables and chairs have been neatly arranged on both sides of the shop to provide donut eaters and ice creamers a comfortable place to sit.

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Central Avenue <O>


Her phone rang and then there was that fun of making plans. Zoie sounded excited to hear Jacob's voice. The fact that she changed thirteen times is off point. The girl is sitting at one of the tables as she shifts. At first, she leans forwards. Then she sits back. Then she slouches. One can tell that she is coming up with the best way to greet him. What she hasn't taken into account is that she can be seen going through all these motions.

He warned her that he had a long week. Jake looks like he's had a long few days - he at least shaved before coming up here to meet her so he's not /scruffy/, but he just has that look of someone who's been run a bit thin. He spots her, though, and heads over to meet her. "Hey, Zoie," he offers as he gets near.

Zoie flies up from the chair and rushes to hug him with a lot of excitement. "Jakey!" It actually causes a few workers to smile at her excitement. Beautiful girls rushing overworked guys is always good to see though. "Are you okay? You look exhausted. Let me get you ice cream or coffee... oh or a donut." She giggles a bit and tries to tuck herself against his side.

"Coffee would be amazing," he says with a grin, pulling her in for a hug. "Eh. A friend of mine called me up and wanted me to help him with some stuff. I forgot I also had to work the night I got back, so. Yeah." Jake makes a wry face. "How've you been?"

Zoie snuggles in and for the moment doesn't seem to want to leave him for that coffee. "I've been great! I met someone like I .. oh did you get any of the cookies?" She pauses and the leans up to kiss his cheek. A blush flits upon the tops of her cheeks as she skips off to get him a coffee.

Jacob starts to answer, then looks amused as she skips off. He takes a seat and waits til she gets back, and then says, "Yes, I did. And they were awesome. Thanks - you didn't have to do that." The grin he offers is positively pleased, though, and he adds, "Yeah? Someone like what?"

Zoie hands over the coffee with some sugar and cream as well. She laughs softly. "He totally bought me dinner but I told him that I didn't want a date as I sorta had a boyfri..." Awkward. Zoie stops. "Well I mean I explained that it wasn't a boyfriend, just someone I was seeing and it wasn't like it was exclusive or anything and I mean I just.. really.. um.. how's the coffee." She blushes and looks at the table a bit.

"Thanks," Jake replies in regards to the coffee, and sends her a little smile and proceeds to put sugar in it, but not the cream. He's a black coffee person, apparently. "Yeah? Careful now, you're gonna make me jealous." He's just teasing, though, and that much is clear. Zoie smiles to that. "Oh.. well if we are going to get you jealous..." She rolls her eyes upwards. "I totally met this really great guy. He's a bartender and everything." Zoie looks him over and offers. "It was okay to bring you cookies to work, right?"

"Oh yeah? I dunno, bartenders are kinda rough around the edges." And there, a positively charming grin, and he takes a sip of the coffee. "Yeah, it was fine. Just... be careful around there, that's not exactly the best area."

Zoie nods in a solemn manner. Or it would be if her eyes were not twinkling with humor. "Oh yes. I agree. I mean he's just rough and sometimes I have to tell him what fork to use and everything." Zoie grins a bit more. "Well I like to see where you work. I'll not come by too much though, I was just baking and thought I would bring you some." There is a cant of her blonde head. "So how is your friend that you had to help? I hope it was nothing too major."

"Oh yeah, he's fine." Jake glances down to his coffee, swirling it a little in the cup. "He needed my help picking something up, turned into a bit of a road trip when it turned out this thing was three cities over." Wry, that. "But, not a big deal. I had a couple days off."

"Three cities over? So if I find an apartment or something, will you help me move my furniture then?" Zoie chuckles a bit as she moves a bit closer to him. "I'm thinking of going out dancing sometime and I was wondering if you might want to go."