Zoie - Day After

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IC:  11/27/2008
RL: 05/19/2011

Rosa del Desierto - First Floor - Albuquerque(#3646RAIM)

The first floor is broken up into sections by archways; there are no doors on any of them leaving it with an open, welcoming feeling. The floors are hardwood, scuffed, worn and creaky, but look to be recently polished. The rosy adobe is unpainted, left in its natural state the color warms up the interior, glowing as the wall sconces shine light on the rooms. Wooden stairs run up the side of the main hallway, circling around before stopping at the entryway to the second floor.

Furniture is sparse, the quantity you would expect to find in a house a fourth of this one's size, some rooms left completely empty. The living room, the den and the kitchen have a few things, stocking the home with the very basic amenities. Fresh curtains are hung in all the rooms, even the ballroom with its big bay windows. Fire places in the big rooms provide heat for the home, basic brick with wide mantles and hearths. The soft scent of cinnamon and vanilla lingers in the air in every room, but is fading over time.

"Always looking out for me," Katie says, holding her smile fondly. Then there's some groaning, and Katie looks toward the stairs. Her and Zack are in the kitchen. Katie's leaning in the doorway to the back, where her van is parked.

Zack and Katie are kind of near the entrance to the house proper. They look like they're coming into the mansion. OR kitchen, since that's what Katie said. Zack too looks up and over at the groaning. "Oh, howdy, Zoie," he offers with a smile.

Zoie was not drunk, did not strip off half of her clothing before passing out. That was someone else. She steps off the stairs and then looks behind her as they notice her. "Um.. h..Hi." There is an instant blush as she moves to join them.

"Howdy, Zoie. How's your head?" Katie asks, innocently enough. Zoie could be blushing, could be totally normal, for Katie's demeanor changes not one whit. "We already packed up all the food. I reckon if you're hungry we'll have to get on out of here. Joel's looking forward to having his house back to himself."

"Joel needs his 10 bedrooms all to himself," Zack replies, agreeing with Katie. "You don't wanna know what he wants to do with them," he adds, with a lopsided smile.

Zoie pulls on her shirt and then nods. "Sorry I wasn't here to help pack up. I mean I should have and my head is fine." She looks between the siblings and shifts over towards Zack.

Her shirt was off? Awww yeah!

You wish.

"It's all right. We had plenty of help. Gareth did most of it, and Liane came back to help pack the rest." Katie absolves Zoie of any guilt for not helping with the clean up. "You did enough just by coming, means a lot."

Yeah, not helping is cool. Zoie did a-okay in the not-helping department. "Did y'all sleep alright?" Zack wonders, looking after the young woman's needs, since he's so sensitive like that.

Zoie nods her head. "I think so. Weren't you there?" There is a blank spot in her psyche after standing up from the table and moving towards the stairs. She giggles softly. "So um.. are we all packing up?" There is a moment as she counts everyone and then looks to Zack. "I um.. I can call a cab."

"Oh, Z can give ya'll a ride wherever. He's got is truck. I'm gonna run the van on home." Katie offers, ready to bow out to let the Z-birds be alone together. "I'm sure ya'll got stuff to talk about, and I have some work to do."

"I was there like the sun on a hot day," Zack replies with a smile. "Don't mean I know how hot it was." He offers up some Texan wisdom. "An' yeah, I can give y'all a ride wherever. You don't need to take a cab."

Zoie lowers her brows. "Sun on a hot day..." She tries to wrap her mind around that saying. "Yeah I was good. I mean I hope that I didn't snore as loud as you did. I think the dead wwere going to rise."

"Do ya'll got all your stuff?" Katie asks, and spins the key to the mansion around her finger. "I promised to lock up. Joel loves to run naked and free through the empty expanse of his kingdom. No one wants to see that. Seriously. We should go, before we're all scarred for life."

Zack seems unmoved by the threat of a Naked Joel. But then, who would? "Oh, I slept like a baby. I don't remember nothin' between goin' to bed an' waking up near noon. Slept straight through," he assures everyone. "I don't really got not stuff to worry 'bout neither. Just the clothes on my back." Dirty dirty clothes. "Shall we?" he offers Zoie his arm.

Zoie tucks her arm through Zack's and instinctively leans against his shoulder. She even gives him a smitten kitten look. You know the one you smile like a loopy idiot and your eyes go soft and you almost turn to mush right there. "Hmmmm... oh yes." Her eyes move back to Katie. "I have all my stuff."

"Awesome," Katie says, and follows the Z-birds out. "I just gotta lock the gate, drop this through the mail slot, and I go get some stuff done." It seems she takes her duties of discharging the guests seriously!

Now that he's got a Zoie by the arm, Zack starts to lead her out of the fabulous mansion. He smiles back down towards the pretty young woman. "I got y'all a box of leftovers," he promise the dancer. "Enough fer at least a few meals." He promises to fatten her up.

Zoie chuckles. "I don't have a fridge in the hostel room. I mean.. maybe they will hold it for me." She snuggles into his side and then looks over at Katie with a bit of guilt and straightens. "Do have a good day Katie."

"I'm sure we can keep it at the Kiva kitchen. So ya'll don't have to worry about it none," Katie offers, and then nods to Zoie. "You two have a good time too." Then the gates are locked, the pair are ejected, Katie's done her service to the Joel Kingdom.. and her player collapses into sleep!

And with that awkward ejection, Zack heads out of the mansion.