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Date: Setting:

IC:  11/06/2008
RL: 05/01/2011

Spruce Park -- Albuquerque

 Peaceful and quiet, this small neighborhood park is like an oasis of serenity in the midst of the bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by a low fence, the wide lot is filled with wildflowers, shrubs, and other natural vegetation of the Southwestern variety, a true testament to Xeriscaping. Cottonwood and desert willow trees, creosote and juniper bushes, and yucca and prickly pear cacti, can be seen in the area, along with a variety of desert grasses and plants. Among these plants are apache plume, skunk bush, and fourwing saltbush.

 The park has been divided into a number of small subsections. An old oak tree looms over a plot of land that looks to be planted with various kinds of herbs. Basil, rosemary, and mint are some of the more familiar herbs, but it looks like there are many others. A new swing creaks in the wind in a small children's play area, while an open air amphitheatre is often the site of neighborhood gatherings and the occasional community theatre production.

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It is early in the morning before sunrise and Zoie is actually out running. So she's not really in jeans, but in a pair of yoga pants. There is some music going lightly in her ears as she runs in the early morning.

Morgan is curled up at her favourite tree, with a kindle. She has a booklight, and is sitting, reading the kindle, by the booklight, in the night. Wierdo.

Kingston stands over by one of the park entrances talking to another dreadlocked individual albeit one considerably less well dressed than he is. The two shake hands clearly knowing one another and then the other man departs and Kingston enters the park itself. He takes out his cellphone and makes a quick phone call as he begins to make his way into the park seemingly engrossed in what he's doing and not paying too much attention to his surroundings.

Zoie is jamming out to what's blaring in her ears as she runs. She's also not really paying attention to where her feet are going, as she's use to having the park to herself at this time. Which brings her on a collision course towards Kingston and probably would bring them pretty close to Morgan's tree.

Morgan is equally indifferent to others, and failing to pay attention. Should Zoie hit Kingston, and Kingston move to the right as a result, he'll bump into Morgan.

",,,has seemed to work out fine. I have to confess I'm surprised and impressed. Say same again in one week's time......Excellent." he says into his phone seeming genuinely pleased with whomever he's talking to. He says, "We'll talk later in the week to finalize things. Till then." he then hangs up and slips his phone into his breast pocket he looks up just in time to see a Zoie heading straight for him. He holds up one hand to warn her and says, "Whoa, there. Sorry, Zoie, million miles away I was."

Zoie runs at a good clip as she sees the hands come up. Oh that can't be good. Her feet start stopping beneath her, but she has momentum as her enemy. So it is into Kingston's arms she will collide unless he moves. One can also hear the blaring of classical music from her ears.

Morgan looks up at the warning, and then yipes and pulls her kindle protectively towards her chest. Priorities, people! Protect the book! Kingston reaches out his hands to steady Zoie as she runs into him. Clearly being half to blame he lets her slam into him in order to keep her from falling and says with a smile. "Woops, sorry about that, Zo. You alright?" he then looks in the direction of the yiping and says, "And we have a Morgan as well."

Zoie squeeks as she ends up into the man's chest. Her cheeks turn violently pink as she stares at the man. "Oh King!" No wait. "Kingston, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to run into you!" Zoie is screaming over her music because it's totally that loud for everyone, right? Her eyes move towards Morgan and she gives a bright smile.

Morgan smiles. "Hello Kingston, Zoie. Pull up a comfortable tree root."

Kingston smiles. "My fault entirely." he says loud enough for Zoie to hear but does make a subtle gesture towards his ears and hopes she takes the hint. To Morgan he says as he leans against the tree she perches beneath. "So what brings you to the park tonight?"

Zoie lowers her brows in confusion to his indication of his ears. "Do your ears hurt?" A blink and then she pulls out the earbuds with a giggle. "Oh!" The music is shut off before she pants a bit and looks from one of the couple to the other. "I was like totally running." She looks at the kindle. "What are you reading?"

Morgan smiles at Kingston, and says "It's .. a break from studying at the university. Keeps me away from the fuss and bother." She then grins at Zoie. "You definitely were. I take it you enjoy running?"

Kingston smiles at Morgan and though he's clearly well aware that the question was put to Zoie says, "Detest it. Avoid it like the plague unless absolutely necessary."

Zoie grins to that with a chuckle. "It keeps me in shape right? Running and dance go together, I also bike to make sure all my muscles are being used." She then grins vibrantly at them. "It gives me time to just tune out."

Morgan smiles at Zoie. "I'm a lot more sedentary. But yes, I can well imagine that running and dancing and bike-riding uses just about everything." She's sitting on the roots of a big tree. Kingston is leaning against the tree, Zoie is slightly sweaty from running, and near the two.

Kingston grins "Whereas I, on the other hand, am the very model of slothfulness."

Tiptoe, through the tulips~ Or meander through the park, carrying a wicker picnic basket and accompanied by a tall native american woman! For once, the pair seems to be chatting with relative ease, when Danny's glance flicks over to the three near the tree. Immediately Liane's eyes follow, and then smiles and gives a small wave.

Zoie gives a bright smile. "Well you could teach me to be slothy. I've never been good at sitting still." She studies the others for a moment. "Most people don't like to run." She blows some blonde hair from her face before smiling at Liane and Danny.

Morgan looks over and waves to Liane and Danny. "Come pull up a tree root!" She looks at Zoie, and says "The first step is to stop standing up. Sit down. Or even better, lie down. Slump if you can possibly manage it."

Kingston looks up and waves as Liane and her companion arrive and then says to Zoie. "She's right you know. Dead simple. You just pick a comfortable looking spot and then just relax and let gravity do most of the work. It's almost an endorsement of sloth by the universe itself."

Liane acceps the invitation, wandering forward. "H-h-hello, everyone." she says, smiling a touch and readjusting her picnic basket. "I suppose I sh-sh-shouldn't be q-quite surprised. W-would anyone l-like something to eat?" She's already poking at her picnic basket, covered in its white-and-red checkered pattern. "I l-like this tree for p-picnics. It's w-wonderful in fall."

Piotr leaps over the low fence using one hand as a pivot looking both ways he drops into a crouch lifting his head his nostrols flare and he inhales breathing in deeply. He looks down and touchs the ground his eyes scanning it like hes looking for footprints.. his face is pale and drawn.

Zoie flops down on the ground right next to Morgan. She tries to lounge, but she has all the proper holding of a dance major. Then she looks towards Kingston and pulls on his leg a bit. "Come sit with us." Liane is given a bright smile. "It depends what you brought to eat."

Kingston looks down to the dusty root and then down to Zoie and he says, "Not in this suit I don't think. However I will lean here against the tree and provide witty and sardonic commentary from above. Will that work?"

Party in the park! Someone new hits the scene. Joel looks like he might have been just walking past, perhaps on his way to somewhere else and using the park as a shortcut. He seems surprised to spot familiar faces, however, and his track veers off course, now heading toward Liane, et al at an unhurried pace.

Morgan smiles at Liane. "I ate already, but thank you kindly for the invitation." She looks up at Kingston. "That's what dry-cleaners are for."

Piotr lets out a low growl of frustration and looks around, standing up out of the crouch it seems whoever he was chasing has aluded him, his ire is clearly etched across his features and narrowed eyes.. the way he clentchs and unclentchs his hands he looks back over the fence as if considering weather its worth trying to pick up there trail again.

"Lost something?" Joel's path has caused him to stray not too far from Piotr, and he scans the ground for a moment as though suspecting there might be a lost rolex or something in the grass. They do leave unpredictable trails, those rolex.

"Y-y-you always eat b-before." Liane says, with a faint smile. "I'm b-b-beginning to think you s-spend all your t-time eating wh-when I am n-not around." Then there's a glance at Kingston, "You c-could help me s-set the p-picnic blanket. It w-would make it easier f-for you to sit and n-not get anything d-dirty." She suggests, unawares of Joel's sexy shortcut leading him straight into her arms. Or at least her presence! Danny, however, does notice, and gives Joel a...friendly nod. The large woman's eyes have also made note of Piotr, but she says nuzzink.

Zoie looks at Morgan. "Your boyfriend doesn't want to sit by me." She then looks up at him and ponders thoughtfully. "What if I /promise/ that if you sit down, I'll take you dancing?" She looks a bit excited by that with a bright smile. It's as if she's giving him the golden ticket.

Morgan gasps and puts her hands to her cheeks, her eyes wide. "Liane! You have discovered my dire secret!" She looks around to the others. "Please, someone help me find my flashy-thing. I have to make Liane forget!" She starts looking around, as if looking for a Men In Black flashy-thing.

Kingston nods and says, "I suppose I could do that though I'm still likely to remain more of a leaner than a sitter." He looks up at Morgan and gives an exasperated sigh. "That really is your solution to everything isn't it? I suspect you may be doing actual neurological damage with that bloody thing."

Piotr is about to respond to Joel when he hears Zoie and his head snaps around... his eyes go from Morgan to Kingston and a low growl stirs at the base of his throat and his eyes narrow at the word 'boyfriend' for the momment hes forgoten Joel and is stalking toward the group like someone needs there ass kicked.

Joel trots after Piotr, eyeing his demeanor with one brow lifted. "Hey... hey, what the hell? Are we throwing down? The fuck just happened, how did I miss the 'shit just got real' memo? I usually get those memos."

Piotr says low in his throat his russian accent thick and cliped he smiles at Joel.. one of those smiles serial killers make right before they wear someones skin and he says "Oh.. nothing I just want to meet Morgans new.. "boyfriend'" and he allmost snarls as his eyes turn to kingston.

Morgan's attention snaps to Piotr and Joel, and she stands up, puts her hands up in a 'woah, woah, calm down' position. "Piotr..." She says softly. "Kingston is new to the city. I introduced him to a few people. Zoie misunderstood. That's all."

"I sh-shan't be d-dissuaded by sh-shiny things." Liane says with a curious tilt of her head. Danny half-shakes her head and moves to check the ground beneath the tree, removing stones or large branches. Liane sets the picnic basket down, and her short self begins to grab the blanket. And oh, then there's an angry man approaching, and Liane leaves the picnic basket, shrinking and taking a few steps closer to Danny. She demurely stares groundward, waiting.

Kingston seems remarkably unphased by the snarling fellow skulking up to him. Whether he's really brave or just that damned British is anybody's guess. He arches an eyebrow and says, "I think you've been confused by Zoie's creative interpretations of social situations, mate." he then looks to Morgan and says, "Friend of yours?"

Zoie opens her mouth to say something to Kingston as her offer ent without word. Then she grins a bit as she looks up as Morgan moves to get up. Then she tips her head to watch. "Oh, Kingston, Piotr wants to meet you. Piotr, this is Morgan's boyfriend. They are like totally attached at the hip and everything. Kingston, I met Piotr at the um.. cementary." She doesn't say why she was there though. Her eyes move towards Liane and Danny with a smile.

Joel pauses in his trajectory to regard Kingston with interest for a moment, then sighs and reaches out to grab Piotr's arm, attempting to halt the other man... he's probably going to get hit in the face for his effort, but he's at least trying to restrain the Russian. "Be zen, man. Channel your inner zen. Make like the Buddha and don't rip anyone's face off. Everything's fine here. This is one hundred percent not a situation which requires face rippage."

Piotr hands have closed his fingers curling into his palms though oddly not making fists.. his eyes narrow as he looks between Morgan adn Kingston and then Zoie... not sure if he should upset or not.. he dosnt move past Morgan toward Kingston.. well because Joel has his arm... his whole body spasms as joel grabs him as if it is through sheer force of will that he keeps from turning on the man he glares at Joel.. and slowly the mans words sink in and his face stiffens his jaw tightening... he grinds his teeth and nods slightly to Joel.. the cords of his neck bunching with the effort of the restraint.

Morgan looks at Piotr, putting her whole attention on the man. She says softly "You know my circumstances, Piotr. You know how I have to keep all my attention on my studies right now. You *know* I don't have *time* right now for that sort of commitment." She moves slowly forward, lifting a hand slightly. "And yes, I know you care."

Kingston continues to lean against the tree in a languid fashion though he keeps his eye on the obviously distressed Piotr he doesn't stare and seems content to let Morgan and the other fellow handle things as they clearly seem to know this bloke.

"Can I let go of your arm, or would that be like crying havoc and letting slip the Piotr of war?" Joel dryly asks his charge, still restraining the Russian. "You decided yet that this is enough of a misunderstanding that you can just calm down?"

Liane remains with Danny, eyes cast downward. Danny, meanwhile, is doing the Kingston and leaning against a tree, except when she murmurs something to Liane. There's a glance between Liane and Danny, and a shake of Liane's head. Otherwise, this little dramedy can continue without their input!

Zoie is watching Piotr and Morgan with unapologetic attention. This is almost as fun as watching Mr. King scoring phone numbers from the ladies. "Not all your attention. I mean you came to the Halloween party with Kingston. Oh and you were at the coffee shop just hanging with us the other day." Zoie is helpful. She smiles as if she's helping Morgan remember. She really doesn't seem to realize she might be making matters worse. Zoie does lean back a bit against the tree and one of Kingston's legs. One hand reaches out towards Liane's basket and her hand dives in to steal something. She comes out with a shiny red Disney colored poison apple, minus the poison, to chomp on it. CHOMP! Her venus green eyes just watch this happen.

Piotr looks to Joel like hes not quite sure of the answer and turns his gaze back toward Morgan he says in a clipped voice "This.. this is not funny, I.. I do not like being mocked... I suggest for your friend she wipe laughter off her face before I attend to it for her." his eyes are an intense stormy blue like hes not sure if he wants to calm down or be provoked into a fight.. maybe a little of both.

Morgan says, "I was also at the Halloween party with Petra, Trace, Deacon, and yourself. And with Liane and Danny at the coffee shop." Her voice is almost staccato. She looks at Piotr, and gently touches his face with the raised hand. "I know it's not funny. I know that .. that what might have been, cannot be. And that it hurts." Her voice is now soft, and her eyes .. whatever is in them is only for Piotr and Joel to see. "Please. She has no idea what she's saying. And Kingston's interest in me is purely intellectual - he's among the intelligentsia of his people.""

Kingston looks down at Zoie and says, "I've known Morgan here for all of 4 days, Zoie so I think you may have jumped the gun a bit on your assumption that we're picking out the China. I've also hung about with you at all three of those places and I'm fairly certain that we're not dating. Or are we and I've been misinformed on that account as well?" he looks to Morgan and says, "Hang on a tic I may have something scandelous to confess to you in a moment."

Piotr leans his check aginst Morgans hand for just a momment.. his eyes close and something passes over his face before he takes one sudden step backward possably jerking Joel back with him.. His expression is more one of hurt and horror now then anger as maybe hes just realized how much of a uberdick hes just been or maybe he thinks hes the butt of some joke and just wants to leave..

Joel has been trying to gently steer Piotr away from the group... now the man is backing up all on his own volition. Joel hadn't expected that, perhaps, and thus Piotr manages to tug free of his grasp. Joel regards Morgan somewhat inscrutably for a moment, then looks back to Piotr. Watchful, perhaps concerned, perhaps wary, waiting to see which direction the poor Russian bolts in.

Liane's finger tightens around her blanket, and she glances at Danny. Danny's eyes are still all on Piotr. Liane mumbles something, then clears her throat and says it louder...which is still rather hard to hear. "P-p-p-picnic. H-h-have to." Liane says, looking over at Joel as if he might understand, then over at Danny. "C-c-can all th-this p-p-please take p-place over a p-p-picnic l-lunch?" At a nice, late evening hour? "I h-have to set it up b-b-before m-midnight." Even looking down and at the ground, Liane's distress is pretty clear.

Piotr gaze sweeps the group and he says in a low sad voice.. "I.. im, sorry.." and turns and runs with a long easy lope toward the fence vaulting it with the ease of a practiced athlete.

Morgan lowers her head for a moment, closing her eyes. Then she looks up at Piotr again. "if I'd had a choice..." She lets it trail off, lets the words be sad. Then she looks at Joel, wordlessly.

Zoie looks up at Kingston with confusion. "No, no.. I mean like you are already with Morgan and I join you. Well not today. Today I was like totally in your arms and stuff before I was on the ground, but Morgan wasn't there then." She tips her head and then looks excited. "Morgan! Come back here, he has something scandelous. I bet he wants to propose." She squees a bit and hops in her seat. "I mean that's so like... wait.." Brain is starting to catchup and she looks at Piotr. "Oooooooooooh. You like Morgan." Then she looks up at Kingston and back to murderous rage Piotr. "I mean, like I'm so totally dating Kingston. Like we are just on with the dating. We are so down with dating. Like I mean.. total psych on the um.. Morgan thing." She winks towards Morgan's back and then up to Kingston.

Piotr allmost barrels over trace as he runs from the park, why? because thats just to damnd fitting.

Kingston shakes his head a bit as Piotr turns and runs from the park. He gives it a moment then looks to Morgan and says, "What did I just miss or will I be very happy later if I don't know now?" he then looks to Trace when he sees her coming and says, "Evening, Trace."

Joel watches Piotr take off, then looks back at Morgan and shakes his head at the look she's given him. "He needs dinner and a nap. I can't provide either." Somewhat resigned, "You want me to talk to him later? I don't even know what's going on."

Trace sort of side-steps the barrelling Piotr and turns her head to watch him go with a baffled sort of expression. Then she makes her way over to the little group. "Evening."

Morgan puts her head in her hands. She and Joel are standing a short distance from the others, where Piotr had been when he started running. Danny and Kingston are propping up a tree, Zoie is *trying* to lounge on a root but actually being all dancer-posturey. Liane is setting up a pic-a-nic basket.

Morgan watches Piotr leave, then thumps her forehead. She nods to Joel. "If he doesn't run away from me, I'll talk to him." She rubs her temples, then says "He .. well. He thinks he's in love with me. Got very upset when Saoirse made a claim on me first." She walks back towards the tree. "And has now decided that his Grand Love cannot be. All Montague vs Capulet." She looks at Kingston and Joel, then over to Trace. "I don't really understand it entirely myself - who can understand men? Certainly not me!" Then she looks at Zoie, and actually growls. "And YOU! Couldn't you SEE he was getting upset? Did you have to .. I swear, woman! You were TRYING to make it harder!"

Looking relieved with how things have gone, Liane immediately moves to begin spreading out her picnic blanket, fussing with corners. After a stare to make sure Piotr's left, and a nod towards Trace, Danny gives her a hand, though much less bustling about it than Liane is. Once the blanket is spread out, Liane looks into the picnic basket, pulling out a wooden bowl, bottle of water and a long candle. Candle is lit, wax dripped into the bowl, then the candle placed firmly atop while the bowl is filled with water. Paper plates are pulled from the picnic basket, the 'table' set. All this is done with practice and precision, with an air of ritual.

"You know why you can't understand men? Because we're very uncomplicated," Joel replies to Morgan. "Basically everything we interact with falls into one of two categories. Want, or Don't Want. You're in his Want category. See? Easy to understand." Trace rocks up, and he salutes her, with a bit of a smile.

Trace smiles back at Joel, nods to Kingston and Zoie, waves to Liane and Danny and then goes over to Morgan. She stands in front of the redhead and tilts her head, studying her for a moment. Then she holds her arms out.

Kingston looks to Morgan and says, "Eh, no harm done all things considered. Sorry that it ended up being awkward for you though." he then looks to Joel and says with a somewhat (but only slightly) forced grin "Anthony Kingston, I don't think we've met."

It's a slow progression really. First, she's all excited to see Morgan with her green eyes sparkling with excitement. She wants to hear this scandalous something and then Morgan /yells/ at her. Zoie's smile starts to fade, but she catches it to quirk a hopeful smile at the pause Morgan takes. Only it continues to more justified yelling and Zoie's smile fades. Her lower lip juts out and starts to tremble as she looks up at Morgan with those big innocent green eyes. "I... I didn't mean.." She even takes a shuddering breath as if she's going to start wailing at any time now. "We..I.. you were out with... I mean.. I thought.." She can't even complete the sentence. Her lashes fall over her eyes as she looks at the ground. Her knees pulled up and hugged.

Joel and Morgan and Trace are standing somewhat apart from the others, near where Piotr bolted off not long ago. Liane is doing some shit like setting up a picnic and shit. Danny is nearby. Kingston is leaning on a tree not getting dirty, and Zoie is lower-lip-trembling because Morgan Spoke Harshly To Her.

Also it's night. The Park At Dark!

Joel spends a moment or two watching Zoie somewhat inscrutably -- he appears relatively unmoved by her tears, either to sympathy or annoyance. They're just sort of observed for now. At Kingston's greeting, he looks up and over, brushing his fingers against his forehead in a casual sort of salute. "Joel," he returns the introduction. With only one name, though, like Madonna. "Never a dull moment, I suppose."

And into the park strolls a PETRA. She's meandering aimlessly until she spots DRAMAZ, at which point she makes a beeline for Joel and Co. Because apparently she is a DRAMA LLAMA. Now with Sass(tm)! "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!" she greets in one huge breath, waggling her fingers at the man in question.

Morgan sighs and says to Zoie "And we'd *told* you we weren't together." She throws her arms up in disgust, turns, and then turns back to go sit on the blanket with Liane. "Fine. Fine. Whatever. I forgive you, Zoie. But for fuck's sake, don't do it again. Let people do their own announcing of their relationships or lack thereof, okay?"

Morgan corrects herself. She doesn't sit on the blanket. She notices Trace' hug offer that her player completely failed to see, and turns and accepts it.

Kingston slips a red silk handkerchief from his breast pocket and hands it down to Zoie. "No reason for tears, mate but Morgan does have a point wouldn't you agree?" he turns to Joel and grins. "Oh if we actually had dull moments we'd just use them to get into more trouble most likely."

Trace gives Morgan a good ol' hugging, not letting her go for a little while. Then she whispers something to her before she steps back and surveys the rest of the group, sliding her hands into her pockets. The arriving Petra gets a smile.

Zoie takes the red handkerchief but takes a breath. "I... I should go." She pulls herself to her feet and then chews her lower lip. She smiles towards Liane a bit and then offers. "Thanks." The red silk is touched for a few moments as if she finds it overly exquisite and then haded back to Kingston.

"I am absolutely a fan of dull moments," Joel replies to Kingston, somewhat wistfully. "I never get bored. Give me enough books, and I could spend eternity --" Doing what? O god, the world will never know. A mystery for the ages. Joel's speech is cut off as he notices he's being Joel'd at, and he quirks an amused smile in her direction. "Petra Petra, pudding and pie, kissed the boys and made them cry," he greets her, heading that way. "When the girls came out to play, she kissed them too, she's funny that way."

"Aw Joel, you know your poetry gets me all HAWT," Petra greets him fondly. "I held up my end of the bargain, and you were not there to witness it. It was a sad day indeed, and I may never forgive you. NEVER." She grins over at him, tucking her hands into her pocket. "It's been fucking forever, you retard. I kept forgetting to call you."

Liane fusses with her table, pulling out plates and piles of delectables. Zoie leaving causes her to look up, however, fretful. "Oh! W-w-won't you stay to eat? I've c-c-cookies in here." She says, patting the basket. then she looks over at the growing crowd, and there's a determined sort of look in her eye. She clears her throat, before calling out, "Wh-who w-w-would like to s-s-sit? I've p-plenty, and sh-shall be h-here for h-hours." A small cup and plate, doll-sized, are removed from a basket, and Liane carefully sets these near a tree root, at the very edges of her blanket. then she rips off a bit of food to place atop...before turning and ignoring the small plate.

Lucid slips into the park draging a small hand cart behind him using both hands.. the little cart is pilled high with stuff under a tarp. the crazy little guy is headed toward the open air amphitheatre.

Zoie twists a piece of hair around her finger as she slips a bit closer to Liane. She lowers her voice to the woman's ear a bit and then she looks at the others. "I should really go."

You whisper "I sort of angered Morgan and Kingston." to Liane.

"Things have been busy," Joel apologizes to Petra, and seems rather tired for a moment, though he smiles. "I could never forget you." A more mischievous smile, and he reaches to punch her lightly in the arm. "No matter how hard I try. Come with me, I haven't even had a chance to say hi to Liane yet." He steps that way as Liane calls out, eyeing the setup. "Liane... what are you doin?"

Liane whispers "I d-d-do that all the t-time. I th-think it's f-frustration. R-running won't solve it...th-though I unders-s-stand. F-feel free to come to the c-c-cafe t-tomorrow when I am ar-r-round."

Morgan murmurs to Trace, before slipping away.

Lucid pulls his little cart right down into the amptheatre and struggles it up on to the stage where he begins off loading equipment.

"I know, right? I didn't see him for ages and now I've seen him twice in one night," Trace says to Petra with a grin. Otherwise she's quiet. She looks to Morgan and nods, her eyes on Zoie and Liane. "Okay," she says to the redhead. "Call me if you need anything."

"Well, like I say, I forgot to call, too, so I may deign to forgive you." Petra smiles brightly at the rest of that, even the arm punch, which she aims to return in kind, if slightly less light. Cuz that's how she do. She waggles her fingers at Trace, still grinning up a storm, and then says, "Oh, I hadn't noticed Liane yet. Hey, Raj!" she greets the woman, waggling fingers at her as well. "Looks like you're feeding the neighborhood again!"

Kingston waves goodbye to Morgan as she departs and he then returns his gaze to the rest of those assembled. "Good to see you again, Trace."

"Being elusive adds to my appeal," Joel informs Trace and Petra. "You'd get bored if you could get ahold of me whenever you liked." Lucid begins setting up equipment on the stage and trying it into the outlets in flooring.. isnt the electrical stuff in these places suposed to be like locked up? seems lucid dosnt care because hes plugging stuff into it.

"Yeah, hey, Kingston. Or Anthony. Or ... Tony? Ant? Or are you a no-shortening-name kinda guy?" Trace asks, looking up at him. "And I didn't say, because I was a zombie and all, but your Marquis de Carabas costume was great."

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