Casablanca Dining Room/Places

From Masq

The table overlooking the patio:
This table overlooks the spacious patio area of the Casablanca. Cottonwood and pinon trees can be seen outside; at night, colorful lights in the trees add a touch of whimsy to the view. The table is very popular and there is often a wait for it, as it is a good place to enjoy the scenery and relax while eating a good meal.

The private table near the stage:
This semi-secluded table offers up a great view of the stage. The quiet strains of classical music from the string quartet typically on the stage provide a counterpoint for the meal. The chairs around this table are especially comfortable, making it easy to sit back and enjoy a truly relaxing dining experience.

The large table near the door:
This large table is near the door, offering an occasional glimpse out into the lounge area. Although the constant foot traffic prevents it from being the best table in the restaurant, it is a good spot for larger groups. Despite the many chairs clustered around it, the table provides plenty of elbow room.

The private table by the piano:
Nestled just a few feet away from the baby grand piano, this table is a perfect spot for a private conversation or just a relaxing time listening to music. On slow nights, the pianist sometimes sits at this little table between his sets.

The table along the east wall:
Surrounded by potted plants, the table along the east wall offers up some of the best of what The Casablanca has to offer -- fine dining in an exquisite setting. The chairs are beyond comfortable, providing plenty of back support.

The large table in the center of the room:
Reserved for large parties, this double-sized table sits squarely in the center of the room, a miniature island surrounded by reefs. Numerous floating candles glimmer from their bowls arranged all over this table, winking like miniature lighthouses beckoning patrons closer.

The nondescript table in the corner:
This nondescript table is tucked away in the corner, almost as an afterthought. It seems that someone has been playing with the floating candles; observant guests might be able to feel the strange wax formations along the edge of the table. This is the table where prom-goers or college students usually get seated.

A table out on the patio:
On nice nights, it is a real pleasure to dine out on the patio. The patio is inlaid in gold-colored tile; large umbrellas protect the tables from the wind and the possibility of inclement weather. The floating candles on each table gutter with the breeze and are supplemented by citronella candles to keep away any unfortunate insects.