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So you want to be a Police Officer?

The law enforcement sphere here on Masquerade is one of the most active and dedicated. We're always looking for a few good men and women to fill a wide range of APD positions. And we're also looking for some bad, corrupt men and women to do the same! We're accepting entry-level Detectives in Major Crimes, the work-horse of the APD, and Organized Crime and Vice Division (OCVD). We are also accepting applications into the Crime Lab (CSI), Medical Examiner's Office (MEO), and the always- popular Internal Affairs Division (IAD). We are also accepting civilian non-sworn support personnel, such as clerks, dispatchers, aides, etc.

The Patrol Division and all Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA) are currently: CLOSED.

If your character has a police record and you have been approved by any required admin (or just been approved in general if you do not need special approval), please +mail your record to +policestaff to be added to the files. It'll be much easier to include you into special plots then.

Approval Staff
Augury handles all approvals.
Applying for the APD
If you are interested in applying for a law enforcement position, be sure to read NEWS BACKGROUND and FRANK STILES, which is a sample background of a law enforcement character. You can simply go through the regular Mortals character generation (chargen) to stat out your character and fill out the background.
NPC Officers
There are several NPC officers available for use. You'll notice them on the +police/roster. These officers are available for general police use for instances when your character can't or wouldn't respond to a situation. If you would like a unique officer, just for you, let policestaff know. Otherwise, feel free to use one of the NPC officers. They have RP tips in their background. Currently, there are:
  • Officer Mendez
  • Officer Emond
  • Officer Sorel
  • Officer Ewing.

Finally, you can also (where appropriate) simply @emit the presence of other cops. Be sure it is RPed appropriately (time to arrive, posed their arrival, etc.). Enjoy!

Once IC
Once you're IC, there are several policies and procedures of which you should be aware.
Useful Links
The following is a list of useful police and law-related links and resources. If you find a broken link" or have any suggestions or additions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Enjoy!