From Masq

Various snippets of code can make one's life easier (or more complicated), and this is where you can grab them for your character. Copy them from the page, paste them into your MU* client, make sure to @set me=!no_command, and enjoy!


Texting Code

This code is for sending IC text messages from a phone. You'll need all three attributes. Syntax: +text name=message
&cmd-text me=$+text *=*:think if(isdbref(locate(%#,*%0,Pp)),[if(lte(strlen(%1),160),[u(fun-text_send,%0,%1)],[u(fun-text_proc,%0,%1)])],"%0" doesn't seem to be a valid player. Please try again!)
&fun-text_proc me=[setq(0,%1)][setq(1,mid(%q0,0,160))][if(match(mid(%q0,160,1), ),[setq(0,mid(%q0,160,strlen(%q0)))],[setq(2,[strtrunc(%q1,sub(strlen(%q1),strlen(last(%q1))))])][setq(1,%q2)][setq(0,mid(%q0,strlen(%q2),strlen(%q0)))])][u(fun-text_send,%0,%q1)][if(strlen(%q0),u(fun-text_proc,%0,%q0))]
&fun-text_send me=[pemit(%#,You text to [name(*%0)]: %1)][pemit(num(*%0),You receive a text from %N: %1)]
Original code by Zack, modified by Jai.

Non-truncated +Who

This code replaces +who with a wider version which doesn't truncate the location information. Syntax: +who
&cmd-who me=$+who:@pemit me=%r[repeat(=,30)]>[center(The MASQUERADE,18, )]<[repeat(=,30)]%r [center(Player,18, )] Sex Alias [center(Idle,8, )][space(3)]Location[rjust(%xh%xyPlayer Count:%xc [words(setunion(lwho(),))],30, %xn)]%r [repeat(-,18)] [repeat(-,3)] [repeat(-,5)] [repeat(-,8)][space(3)][repeat(-,38)]%r [iter(setunion(lwho(),),[ljust(name(##),18)][center(ucstr(ljust(get_eval(##/sex),1)),5, )][center(get_eval(##/alias),5, )] [rjust(extract(exptime(idle(##)),1,2),8)][if(hasflag(##,staff),%b*%b,space(3))][if(match(where(##),#-1),%xrUnfindable%xn,name(where(##)))]%r)][repeat(=,80)]
Code by Devlin, with debugging assistance from Charles and suggested look-and-feel modifications from Bill

Directed +Where

This code works like +where, but for a specific person. Syntax: +where name
&cmd-where me=$+where *:think [ansi(hr,REPORT:)] [setq(0,pmatch(%0))][if(%q0,[name(%q0)] [if(hasflag(%q0,connect),[if(loc(%q0),is currently at: [name([loc(%q0)])],cannot currently be found.)],is not currently online.)],"[capstr(%0)]" does not match any player.)]
Original code by Petra, modified by Jai

Idle Time Checker

This code reports how long a specific person has been idle. Syntax: +idle name
&cmd-idle me=$+idle *:think [ansi(hr,REPORT:)] [setq(0,pmatch(%0))][if(%q0,[name(%q0)] [if(hasflag(%q0,connect),has been idle [exptime(idle(%0))].,is not currently online.)],"[capstr(%0)]" does not match any player.)]
Original code by Petra, modified by Jai

Connection Checker

This code tells you how long someone's been connected, or how long since they logged off. Syntax: +conn name
&cmd-connected me=$+conn *:think ansi(hr,REPORT:) [setq(0,pmatch(%0))][if(%q0,[name(%q0)] [if(hasflag(%q0,connect),has been connected for [writetime(conn(%0))].,has been disconnected since [timefmt($A $B $d% at $I:$M $P,connleft(%0))] %([writetime(sub(secs(),connleft(%0)))] ago.%))],"[capstr(%0)]" does not match any player.)]
Code by Petra, aided by Jai.

Desc Identifier

This code prepends the desc of the person you're looking at with a line identifying whose desc it is. Syntax: +l name
&cmd-look me=$+l *:@pemit me=[repeat(*,78)]%r[center(Desc of [name([num(%0)])],78)]%r[repeat(*,78)]%r;l %0
Code by Petra, with some awesome help refining it from Jai

Random @Doing Picker

This code sets an @doing chosen randomly from your list. Syntax: +doing
&cmd-doing me=$+doing:@doing/quiet [setr(0,pickrand(v(txt-doing_list),|))][pemit(me,@Doing set to: %q0)]

This code lists the @doings in your list.

Syntax: +doing/list

&cmd-doing_list me=$+doing/list:think [center(Doings,51,=)][setq(1,strlen(words(setq(0,v(txt-doing_list)),|)))]%r%b[iter(%q0,ifelse(lt(strlen(#@),%q1),0#@,#@). ##%r,|)][repeat(=,51)]

This code adds an @doing to your list of available @doings.

Syntax: +doing/add yourdoing

&cmd-doing_add me=$+doing/add *:think ifelse(lte(strlen(%0),45),set(me,txt-doing_list:[setunion(v(txt-doing_list),%0,|)]) The following new @doing was set: %0,That @doing is [setr(0,sub(strlen(%0),45))] character[if(eq(%q0,1),,s)] too long\, and has not been added.%rIt would have cut off at: [strtrunc(%0,45)])

This code deletes a @doing from your list, using the reference number from +doing/list.

Syntax: +doing/del #

&cmd-doing_del me=$+doing/del *:think ifelse(setr(0,elements(setr(1,v(txt-doing_list)),%0,|,|)),set(me,txt-doing_list:[elements(%q1,setdiff(lnum(add(words(%q1),1)),%0),|,|)]) You have removed "%q0" from your list of @doings.,That is not a number corresponding to an @doing in your list.)
Original random doing code by Haruspex; +doing and +doing/add modified and +doing/del and +doing/list added by Jai.