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Masquerade MUSH is closed

It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of Augury's player and the subsequent permanent closure of Masquerade MUSH.

As a person and friend, Augury's player was unfailingly kind and generous, with a huge heart, a wicked sense of humor, and an infectious laugh. Her untimely passing from cancer on November 27, 2019 has left her family and friends bereft. She is forever beloved, desperately missed, and always will be.

As a writer and storyteller, Augury was unparalleled. Her plots were thoughtful, intricate, and intense. She would run scenes for pretty much anyone who was out in public, no matter the sphere. And sometimes, you would fear that your character wouldn't make it out of the scene intact—and the RP and storytelling would be so good, that you honestly wouldn't care. 

If you peruse the Wiki, you can see some of the lasting legacy that Augury has left behind, including a overall history of Masq that describes her contributions. Please add your own memories here, or feel free to contact Fate to share anything that can be passed along to the family. 

Sphere Information Miscellaneous Game Information
Mortals: The Unwashed Masses
Mortal+: The Special
Police: The Thin Blue Line
Shifters: The Few, The Proud, The Furry
Vampire: The Walking Dead
Characters: A list of links to pages for our cast of characters.
Map: A basic map of our grid.
News Files: Information on rules and policies.
Masq History: The history of Masquerade.
Help & +help: Help files for +commands, the channels system, and the wiki itself.
House Rules: The house rules for each sphere.
XP Policy: Information regarding XP spends.
Combat Primer: Rules and mechanics for adjudicating combat scenes.
Weapons: A list of available weapons, as well as information on how to request them.
Building: Rules, policies, and standards for people who'd like to add to the grid.
Code: Some code you might want to use to make your life easier (or more difficult).