From Masq
Name: Augury
She Knows All.
From afar, Joel clutches. My hopes! Stop crushing them with your terrible mallet of reality!

You paged Joel with 'Oh right, force of habit. I see hopes and it's whack-a-mole time!'

And This Is What Happens When Things Go Awry..
95% of my plots happen on the public grid, so anyone can join in! If you aren't out there, I'm not very likely to come knocking on your door to bring it to you. I am also more likely to target you for a personal plot if you're involved with other PCs who would be able to interact with it. I love to brainstorm plot ideas, so if you have some please bring them up!
The Woman Beyond The Mystery
As a staffer I'm pretty laid back. It's what I look for in my players too. I like being able to just have a conversation about anything, be it from plot, to power levels, to character development without it being all tense and weird. It doesn't mean I always say yes to everything, but I'm pretty willing to listen and get a take on why you want to do something.

Also, while I pay a lot of attention to what is going on IC, I can't know if something is bothering you OOC if you don't tell me. At least not if you aren't paying me $4.99 a minute for my mind reading powers to be activated!

Why M+ Instead of Mage
A large part of the reason why we run M+ instead of straight out Mage is that M+ have far more reason to build up alliances and involve mortals in their lives than do Mages. The Mortal/Mortal+ sphere is treated as one sphere. Mortal+ don't have any special channels or boards and they don't get outted to each other. They find each other as it happens IC. Though sometimes if there are reasons they might know of each other (reputations, for example), I will engineer things as appropriate. They commonly get pulled together via the plots running on the grid. The plots are for both Mortal/Mortal+ and sometimes other supers get dragged along.

It's also the same reason we don't use any of the Societies, and each PC is basically on their own learning things as best they can. Another reason for them to seek out and make connections, without a nebulous hierarchy of NPCs behind them to turn to as part of a Tradition/Society/etc. So far this seems to be working pretty well.

Expectations of Players:
I expect players to be stirring up rp, mainly by being out there on the grid and being movers and shakers. I won't approve any hermit type or 'sphere only' concepts. Your character may want to spend all day researching/reading/watching TV/guarding the caern/picking belly button lint/sharping their fangs, but there better be a pretty strong motivating reason for them to be out there getting involved. Vampires need to be out there because they are hunting, or trying to figure out what the other vampires are up to, or hoping to build up their influence in the mortal world.. or just because they like rp? Shifters should be out in the world, looking for ways to improve it or glorious battles to fight!