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Departmental Organization

Albuquerque Police Department Organizational Breakdown

The Detective Bureau (DB) provides leadership, expertise and appropriate resources that support line operations in order to improve the quality of life in our communities. DB works together with citizens as well as the Area commands to enhance Community Policing and to reduce crime and the fear of crime throughout the City of Albuquerque. Detective Bureau encompasses the following divisions:

Major Crimes Division Organized Crime and Vice Division Robbery Homicide Division Detective HQ Division

Major Crimes Division

The Major Crimes Division (MCD) is the work-horse of the APD's Detective Bureau. Their cases include more of the day to day common complaints. The MCD's responsibilities include Burglary, Assault, Auto Theft, Larceny/Theft, Forgery/Fraud, Certain Armed Assaults, Arson, Terrorist Activities, as well as Sex Crimes.

Detectives assigned to the MCD are a combination of entry-level Detectives, closely working with veteran Detectives. MCD Detectives attend Quarterly meetings with various Patrol Divisions throughout Albuquerque. This is intended to keep track of crime trends within Albuquerque.

Organized Crime and Vice Division

Organized Crime and Vice Division (OCVD) is responsible for collecting, recording, maintaining, and disseminating intelligence data on major organized criminal enterprises within and affecting the City of Albuquerque. Criminal syndicates include, but are not limited to traditional La Cosa Nostra, Asian, Eurasian, and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

The Vice section concentrates on the enforcement of vice activities such as gaming, bookmaking, pornography, prostitution, as well as narcotics. It also investigates community problems and addresses Alcoholic Beverage Control issues.

Both sections assume the responsibility of providing oversight, training, and support to all Department entities regarding vice and organized criminal activities as directed by the Chief of Police. They also maintain liaison with City, Local, County, State, Federal, and International agencies in order to conduct investigations in a professional manner, with an ultimate goal of preventing corruption.

Within the OCVD is also the Narcotics Section. It also is responsible for local, state, and federal narcotics laws throughout the City of Albuquerque. Often, the narcotics section, in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, investigates narcotics related violations in neighboring communities, cities, and counties. The responsibilities of the Narcotics section are as follows:

        o Investigating and interdicting the importation of illegal
          drugs in the City of Albuquerque
        o Investigating and arresting drug dealers and buyers who engage in
          illegal drug transactions
        o Assisting prosecuting agencies in preparing successful narcotics
          cases for court
        o Preparing narcotics-related civil and criminal forfeiture cases
          involving illegal profits derived from drug transactions
        o Collecting, archiving and disseminating narcotics-related
          intelligence for successful narcotics investigations and prosecution
        o Acting as a legislative analyst for proposed laws involving illegal
          narcotics in the City of Albuquerque, the State of New Mexico, or
          before the United States Congress

Robbery-Homicide Division

The Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) investigates Homicides, Bank Robberies, and other selected Robberies, Extortion, Violent Sex Crimes, Terrorist Activities as well as kidnappings and all missing persons on a city-wide basis. RHD is also responsible for threats against officers, as well as selected assaults.

Detectives assigned to RHD have a high level of expertise, as well as experience, and are selected from detectives working at the Departments geographic detective divisions.

RHD personnel attend quarterly homicide meetings with detectives from all over the City and review suspect information and crime trends. This insures that the investigation of serious crimes can proceed across geographic boundaries. They also act as a liaison between outside agencies and this Department on homicide cases and other major cases of mutual interest.

Det. HQ Div.

The Detective Headquarters Division (DHQ) is responsible for City wide management of logistics for investigations, and city wide detective resources. As such it is also responsible for investigating and prosecuting a number of different crimes such as on firearms control and threat management. Detective Headquarters Division is composed of the following eight units:

The following 3 units are the only DHQ units that are PC staffed.

           o Internal Affairs Division (IAD) is responsible in investigating any allegations of
             irresponsible actions, illegal activities, violations of civil rights etc. 
             allegedly committed by members of the APD. This Division reports directly to the
             Deputy Chief.
           o Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is responsible for the more intense gathering of 
             evidence on crime scenes, as well as processing it with proper warrants and 
             secured procedures. The CSI can process information and evidence which Detectives 
             in any Division, or street level officer, collected on a scene. This department is 
             supervised by the Deputy Chief and files the evidential findings with each 
             individual case they work on.
           o The Coroner's Office or Medical Examiner's Office (MEO) is responsible for any 
             corporal evidence collected, usually in the form of dead bodies or body parts. The 
             office is usually charged with determining the cause of death and any other 
             forensic pathology. Generally, this office works closely with CSI.

The following units are NPC staffed.

           o The Threat Management Unit (TMU) is responsible for investigating all threats 
             directed to the citys elected officials and aggravated stalking cases on a 
             citywide basis; maintaining liaison with identified entertainment industry studios 
             within the city; investigating workplace violence involving City entities and 
             employees; and serving as a standing resource for the Citys Threat Assessment 
             Team, which manages workplace violence cases perceived to present a danger to City 
           o The Court-on-Call, City and District Attorney Liaison Units (DALU) act as liaisons 
             to the City and District Attorney and file selected criminal cases. They are also 
             responsible for monitoring all court "on-call" cases and subpoenaed court 
           o The Gun Unit (GU) investigates, arrests and assists in the prosecution of persons 
             or businesses violating Local, State or Federal firearm laws. The Gun Unit 
             processes Carry Concealed Firearm licenses, as well as analyzes legislation 
             concerning firearms, makes stolen firearm notifications to other law enforcement 
             agencies and participates in the Federal Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative 
             Program. The Gun Unit also conducts compliance inspections of all licensed firearm 
             dealers in the City of Albuquerque to ensure they are operating within the law, 
             and provides the public with a central location to obtain and disseminate firearm 

The following units are NPC staffed.

           o The Detective Information Desk (DID) acts as the Departments information and 
             advisory center during non-business hours, advises officers on matters related to 
             bail enhancement, Probable Cause Determinations, Fugitive Warrants and Forgery 
             cases. Additionally, the Unit monitors the Internal Affairs Group Complaint line 
             during non-business hours and the LAWFUL toll-free number for community members to 
             report crimes or information on on-going criminal investigations.
           o Critical Incident Investigation Division (CIID) is responsible for the 
             investigation of all incidents involving the use of deadly force of an APD 
             officer. In addition, all use of force resulting in an injury requiring 
             hospitalization commonly referred to as a Law Enforcement Related Injury (LERI). 
             Investigative responsibility of CIID also includes all deaths while the detainee 
             is in the custodial care of the APD, accidental and animal shootings and other 
             investigations as directed by the Deputy Chief (sometimes referred to at the Chief 
             of Detectives).

Other Resources

The APD has many other resources available, too numerous and under-used to detail in any document. These include Patrol, Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Tactical Air Unit (Air-Tac), Water Rescue Unit (WRU), K-9, the dreaded Sewer Patrol, and more. These resources are all NPC and run by staff when it is determined they are needed.