Frank Stiles

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This is an example character background. This character is an NPC with the Albuquerque Police Department.

Frank Stiles was born on March 21st, 1977 into a large family with 3 older brothers and 2 sisters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His parents, Dick and Betsy Stiles were high school sweethearts who'd been married happily for 25 years. His father has been a member of the Santa Fe police department since graduating from the police academy after high school. Betsy had been a full-time mom, her hands kept full by the rambunctious Stiles kids.

Being the youngest and smallest of 6, Frank was the favorite 'toy' of his siblings and quickly learned to fend for himself and not rely on his parents who had enough to look out for without his complaints. "Besides," his father would say. "No one likes a snitch." It was nothing more than your usual sibling rivalry and theirs was a close-knit family. The two eldest brothers, Johnny and Greg, were fiercely protective of their younger siblings: fighting each others fights, making sure prospective boyfriends of the sisters were up to par, and generally looking out for one another.

As the years passed, the older brothers grew up, graduated and followed in their father's footsteps. The older sister, Mary, went on to college (the first in the Stiles family) and moved off to San Francisco to pursue her law career. The younger sister, Amy, was enrolled at the University of New Mexico when Frank graduated high school. He was an average student academically; his strength was in athletics. On the Roosevelt High football team, he was a starting wide receiver and alternated as the punter and place-kicker. In the spring he played on the men's soccer team as sweeper. All of his coaches generally agreed that though he wasn't the biggest or the strongest, he was a scrapper who was determined to win. It was comments like these that made his father proud of Frank despite his academic shortcomings.

Unlike his sisters, he had no desire to get a higher education. He only wanted to follow in Dick's footsteps, like his brothers. But more strict standards for entering the academy forced Frank to get an associate's degree from the local community college in Criminal Justice. Again he was a slightly below average student.

After graduation in 1997, Frank immediately enrolled in the Police Academy. It was fortunate for Frank that he was in excellent physical shape; he could devote the time that the other recruits were training into working on the written material. Frank struggled, but he managed to graduate somewhere in the middle of his class.

With his family connections, Frank was able to get the assignment of his choice and join his father and two of his three brothers at the cushy 83rd St. precinct. The third brother, Tony, had always wanted to see more than just Santa Fe so he spread his wings and moved to the Albuquerque Police Department. Life was good for Frank. For ten years Frank worked at the 83rd when shortages in manpower forced the lowest ranked of the Stiles family to change precincts to the rougher south-side of the city.

It was here that Frank came in touch with darker side of humanity on a daily basis. He was no stranger to violence, but the 83rd was a walk in the park compared to the slums, crack-houses, and the mean streets of the south-side. It was no wonder they were understaffed. The work load and pressure put on the officers day to day caused many to move on. Frank was no exception.

3 years and a failed marriage later, Frank decided to take up an offer from his brother Tony to join the force in Albuquerque. On-the-job stress proved to be too much for the hasty marriage which Frank got into after his transfer. Frank needed some space from Santa Fe and though his family would miss him, he would only be a few hours away. And besides, Tony would be able to keep an eye on him. So here he finds himself in single-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque awaiting his first assignment.