Description and Police Equipment

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Description and Police Equipment

As you play on Masq, you will note there are times to be blatantly an officer and other times not to be. All this can be reflected in your @desc. Some things to be aware as you write your @desc: If you wish to have an on-duty @desc add your APD shield to the @desc. Supervisors have gold shields, Detectives have silver shields. Where it can go is up to you. Belt clip, chain around the neck, pocket clip. Many ways to display it in an on-duty @desc.

On duty or off duty. You will find most officers/detectives will wear their armor. This is perfectly fine and legal as long as one condition is followed. You MUST have something in your @desc about it. You do not need to have the line. "Body armor is on under the shirt". You can write out that something bulky is under the shirt. Or that under the suit looks awfully flat. Armor tends to take away contours. It is easy to tell from the back if someone is wearing the armor. You'd see a flattened area, no shoulder blades poking out. It looks weird, to be honest.

Your sidearms. Previously we covered APD policy on Off-Duty carry. So now we should cover the @desc. Add a bulge or bulk to where ever on your person you carry it ICly. IE: Right hip, left hip, small of back, front of belt behind the zipper. Bear in mind firearm size and type makes a difference in all this. No way in hell would I ever put a Fornax into my groin. It is too big and sure to attract the wrong attention. “Oooh such a big...” *Grope... BLAM!* “Aieeeeee my balls!!” Subtle is fine, as long as something is there. Also, bear in mind, you should never carry your primary sidearm (assumed to be that badass Fornax) in an ankle holster. One. Too big! Two. You cannot possibly get to it easily from there in an emergency. If you want to carry a personal (and maybe smaller) sidearm, that too is acceptable, as long as you are armed. If you are NOT carrying your Fornax ICly, leave the object somewhere.

If you are anal like certain APD Officers are. You may carry your APD portable Radio on you at all times. Again @desc appropriately. Feel free to add wire mic and/or earpiece setups. As long as it is in your @desc.

If you have any other questions on Desc-ing as a Detective. Feel free to ask.