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The APD's Detective Bureau is made up of 4 Divisions.

  1. Major Crimes Division (MCD): This is the work-horse of the APD where the majority of the detectives and cases reside. Most new Detectives will start their career here.
  2. Organized Crime and Vice Division (OCVD): This is the traditional "Vice" division, dealing with narcotics, drugs, prostitution, organized crime, alcohol, and anything else that's fun. This is another where young Detectives can start their careers, though it attracts only a certain breed.
  3. Robbery Homicide Division (RHD): These are the best and the brightest of the APD with the highest profile and most demanding cases. This is the most elite of the Divisions and where most Detectives strive to be assigned.
  4. Detective HQ Division (DHQ): This division is responsible for city-wide management of logistics for investigations and detective resources. This is a mainly an NPC division with 3 exceptions:
Internal Affairs Division (IAD), Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), and the Medical Examiner's Office (MEO). IAD are the "cops of the cops." CSI and MEO are both civilian staffed without police powers.

In its simplest form, APD has the following ranks: Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Detective. These ranks don't apply for civilian employees.

All new non-civilian police characters will start out at the rank "Detective" in either Major Crimes Division (MCD) or Organized Crime and Vice Division (OCVD). Preferably new characters will be rookie Detectives. This helps the player and the character get familiar with the role. You can still apply for a grizzled old detective, but will need some explanation for having never been promoted above Detective (and why you have new-character stats from chargen).

Having ranks and a hierarchy of divisions will, hopefully, encourage players to advance their character through police RP and case-activity.