APD Vehicles

From Masq

There are FOUR (4) types of police vehicles available for police PCs. They are as follows:

  1. Standard Police Patrol Vehicle -- Dodge Charger. The Charger is a high-performance sports car with white trim and lettering. The city emblem is imprinted upon the forward doors. It is what you most likely imagine when you think of a typical RL police vehicle, clearly identifiable as such.
  2. Standard Police All-Terrain Vehicle -- Dodge Durango. The Enforcer is a rugged black SUV with white trim and lettering. The city emblem is imprinted upon the forward doors. This is basically also a "typical RL" police vehicle, but clearly identifiable as such. But it has 4-Wheel drive!
  3. Unmarked Police Car -- Dodge Avenger1. The Avenger ER is a sleek black high-performance vehicle that hugs the road like a shadow. It is not immediately identifiable as a police vehicle; however, it has many of the same characteristics & security elements as the "marked" cars, including the Lo-Jack system.
  4. Undercover Police Car -- Toyota Corolla or similar sedan. This late model sedan, dark in color, is rather innocuous looking and is perfect for "undercover" work; that is to say, it is not obviously identifiable as a police vehicle. Typically, detectives might use this type of car to maintain a subtle profile.

Please use your own judgment/discretion regarding which kind of vehicle would be most appropriate for your police PC.

How to Get Your Police Vehicle:

If you want a new Police Vehicle, simply do the following:

  1. Submit a +request with the request. You must include the Type of vehicle you desire (i.e., Charger, Durango, Avenger, Undercover).
  2. The car will be issued to you & you will be able to make certain modifications to it (such as color) if appropriate. You will not be charged $cash for the vehicle.

Enjoy! :)

1 Note: In our timeline the Dodge Avenger was reintroduced in 2006 instead of 2009