From Masq

$spend/bank|cash $<amount>
$give <player>=<amount>


The first three forms of this command check your own cash level and then spend it, either generally or to a particular player. Puppets spend their owner's cash.

The second set of commands and the checkcash function are useful only for those whose puppets/bartenders/etc have CASHIER privileges - send a +request to staff.

$transact extracts $money from a player, and $collect collects the $cash from your cashiers. checkcash() returns 1 if <player> has <amount> of $money either in hand or in the bank.

Your income is set automatically from your resources level. If you wish this changed, justify the change to your sphere wizard.

If you wish to transfer money between hand and bank, find a bank or an ATM, such as the bank on Montano Road.