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First Bank of New Mexico -- Lobby -- Albuquerque

 The interior of the First Bank of New Mexico seems at first to be as ancient and Gothic-looking as its exterior. However, despite the immediate impression of timeless authority, the trappings of modern technology are visible throughout this vast chamber. The ceiling rises up to a nearly impossible height, supported by vast stone pillars; one almost expects to find a gargoyle or two perched at the top. Opposite the main entrance, a long hardwood counter spans most of the lobby. Behind this counter, separated from customers by bullet-proof glass and little "windows" covered with antique-looking iron bars, bank tellers go about their daily business of helping people with their financial needs. Due left, an elevator goes up to the Bank's business offices.

 To the right of the tellers, a large vault door is inset into the wall of the building. Made of reinforced steel, the vault has a combination lock and two small key holes, along with a large revolving "wheel." There are several security cameras scattered through in the lobby which record everything that goes on in a widesweeping arc. The Bank takes security very seriously, as evidenced by the presence of a number of security guards, who stand near the main entrance door, the vault, the teller booths, and the elevator.

Obvious exits:
Elevator <EL>   Montano Road <O>

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