M9 -- Montano Road: 100-200 NW

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This area is representative of the modern mid-town opulence of Montgomery as it ducks under the freeway to become Montano. Tall gleaming skyscrapers reach into the sky, their steely blue and green architecture contrasted by the harmonious presence of smaller, more traditional buildings. Multi-tiered parking structures dominate much of the area, their tree and shrub landscaping failing to disguise their utilitarian purpose. Looming against the skyline to the east is an impressive silvery-windowed skyscraper.

The vast stone First Bank of New Mexico building is the reigning architectural monarch of this area. Traffic moves through at a frantic pace in either direction as commuters go about their daily business. The pride the people of Albuquerque have in this area is evident from the clean storefronts and immaculate sidewalk. Aesthetically pleasing trash receptacles stand along the street at regular intervals.

Montano Road continues to the west. Beyond the I-40/I-25 interchange to the southeast, the street is known as Montgomery Blvd.

Places of Note
  • First Bank of New Mexico
    • The First Bank of New Mexico provides customers with all of the modern banking and financial conveniences in a historic setting.
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