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The I-25/I-40 interchange slightly to the west bisects this area into what seems like two entirely different worlds. To the northwest, tall, sparkling skyscrapers, innovative in their architectural novelty, are hallmarks that one has entered the business district. To the south, the dilapidated homes and private stores on University Avenue mark an older, more traditional neighborhood with a slightly lackadaisical, run-down quality.

The Pinnacle Tower, a gleaming chrome testament to modern urban design, looms over the intersection, its tinted glass hiding numerous businesses and shops. The area of Montano/Montgomery is Albuquerque's busiest commercial neighborhood, with the largest concentration of retail stores currently in the state. The building boom started when office buildings filled in vacant land surrounding them, standing taller and more massive than buildings in any other area except Downtown. A large number of them, like Pinnacle Tower incorporated materials and design concepts that were sophisticated by Albuquerque standards

Places of Note
  • Pinnacle Tower
    • A gleaming chrome testament to modern urban design, the (Res 3-5) the Pinnacle Tower contains chic condo-style housing, as well as numerous businesses, shops, and offices. The building is located on the cusp of the elite Montano Road shopping district.
  • Tower Parking
    • Pinnical Tower Parking Garage
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