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The Honeywell Business Plaza dominates this block of the boulevard; it's an efficient, almost hive-like nest of glittering glass and steel faintly echoing the Spanish and Pueblo influences of the past and present. The Plaza is a mixed-use development of retail, office, and parking structures. The buildings' configuration and design create courtyards and pedestrian movement separate from that of automobiles. The tree-shaded plaza has benches for employees and shoppers. A pedestrian path connects the office plaza to the shops.

A portal in front of the shops, landscaped parking, and pastel colors on the buildings enhance the environment and give it an appealing sense of place. The benches, sculptures, small fountain and other public artwork surrounding the plaza and a few nearby Native American jewelry and craft stores do much to foster an atmosphere of cultural growth and excitement in the area. The presence of this public artwork represents an ongoing reaffirmation of Albuquerque's historic essence by the neighborhood's population.

Places of Note
  • The Casablanca Restaurant
    • The Casablanca Restaurant is well-known as an elegant establishment catering to fine tastes and upper-crust ambiance. The Casablanca is open for dinner in its main dining room, and cocktails and dessert in the lounge. The restaurant stays open well into the wee hours of every morning and is available for rent for private parties.
  • Inazuma Sushi
    • An upscale sushi restaurant with peaceful, modern decor. Inazuma offers traditional sushi, and non-sushi Japanese food as well. Beer, sake, and cocktails are available, and there's a neat koi pond.
Notable Events

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