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The Casablanca Restaurant -- Foyer and Bar -- Albuquerque

 Elegance and the rich style of Southwest decor pervade the foyer of the Casablanca. The floor is tiled in a faux brick gold, and white alabaster columns arch upwards into the high ceiling. A varnished ebony desk attended by a courteous hostess separates this entryway from the dimly lit bar just beyond. A large clock mounted on the wall behind the desk shows the time as Wed May 14 03:53:56 2008. Through the archway to the west, elegant tables and chairs can be seen in the restaurant's main dining room.

 Moving directly into the classy bar/lounge, one finds an atmosphere of unique style. Several pictures along the wall depict scenes from the Old West. A variety of potted plants enliven the lounge, adding a touch of greenery to the surroundings. Candles cast flickering shadows over the room, the soft lighting glinting off the rows upon rows of wineglasses hanging upside down from a long rack above the bar. The various tables scattered about the room seem sleek and expensive. Indeed, this seems to be quite a popular hangout for wealthy singles. The bartender offers up a 'drinks menu' and 'dessert menu'.

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Obvious exits:
Dining Room <W>   Montgomery Blvd. <O>

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The elegant gold-trimmed bar:

The surface of the bar is so clean and polished that one might be able to see oneself in it. Spills are immediately wiped away by the experienced bartender. The bar stools are elegantly constructed and upholstered in black leather.

A private table near the west wall:
This private table offers a quiet spot for some conversation and relaxation. The clear glass of the table is spotless, while the plush armchairs clustered around it seem designed for comfort. Coasters depicting Wild West scenes are neatly stacked in the center of the table near the candle holder.

The romantic table near an archway:
The perfect place for a romantic tete-a-tete seems to be this table, which is located near an archway. The soft strains of music coming from the main dining area can be heard in this spot, which seems like it was designed for lovers. The chair around this table seem to be antiques.

The table next to an ivy-covered pillar:
An ivy-covered pillar shadows this square glass table, adding a touch of greenery to the atmosphere of the lounge. The chairs around the table have wrought-iron legs and rich green velvet backs and cushions.

A table near the bar:
The table nearest to the bar is a long rectangular creation of glass and iron. An interesting little sculpture serves as the centerpiece: a small representation of a cowboy on a rearing stallion. The chairs around the table seem comfortable and the floor around them seem a bit scuffed, indicating this table gets a lot of use.

A small round table:
This small round table in the center of the lounge is surrounded by chairs despite the fact it barely has room for two or three drinks on its smooth surface. The chairs clearly have been pulled away from other tables, as none of them match one another.