K9 -- Montano Road: 300 NW

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Shopping boutiques and fine clothiers slowly yield to the austere presence of massive stone buildings. Brokerage houses and corporate offices start to become more prevalent in this area, nestled between the tasteful shopping district to the west and the stately business district due east. Sleek sports cars and taxis are in the majority, although an occasional mass-transit or oversized vehicle can be seen lumbering past.

To the east, a bronze-windowed skyscraper can be seen reaching into the skyline, casting a long shadow over Montano Road. The crisp, hard lines of this modern steel giant offers a visual contrast to the richly textured, pillared buildings from the past. Spanish Pueblo and Mission-style structures break up the urban landscape and add an organic touch to what would otherwise be a sterile, cold environment.

Second Street to the south turns toward a slightly rougher neighborhood. Those venturing in that direction might do well to hold on to their wallets.

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