H9 -- Montano Road: 400 NW

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Smaller, brick buildings and adobe-style structures, as well as older, pillared stone buildings fill the streetscape of this bustling neighborhood, which combines the best aspects of both a small town and a cosmopolitan city. The forest of steel tapers off, revealing the New Mexico sky, as corporate offices, brokerage houses, and financial buildings give way to quaint bookstores, boutiques, and gourmet eateries.

This section of Montano is an attractive, safe shopping environment, filled with expensive brand-name stores such as Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor. The street is very clean, as neighborhood property owners take great care to sweep their section of sidewalk daily. Mature trees line the sidewalk, providing shade, while attractive benches allow people to relax between bouts of shopping. The street is rife with activity as people and vehicles make their way through this well-kept area, contributing to the lively, vital atmosphere of prosperity.

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