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Remember that Masquerade does observe the OOC Masq. OOCly revealing the super status of any other player is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If anything in your scene reveals another character's secrets, don't post it. Yes, this means some of the most exciting scenes can't be shared on the wiki — that's just how it is.

Now, On With The Show!

For our examples, let's say your character's name is Bob — that's the name you log in with — and your log is called "Awesome Stuff".

Step 1: Create the Page

  • First, create the log's page:
    • Paste http://www.masq.org/index.php?title=Name - Log Title&action=edit into your browser, replacing "Log Title" with your log's title and "Name" with your name — i.e., http://www.masq.org/index.php?title=Bob - Awesome Stuff&action=edit

  • Paste in:
* [[Person In Scene 1]]
* [[Person In Scene 2]]
* [[Person In Scene 3]]
|setting=The description of the place, or the link to the description if it's already on the wiki.
|log=Your log, properly marked up.

  • For 'ic_date=', fill in the IC date of the scene, in MM/DD/YYYY format — e.g., 09/30/2010.
    • If you have the RL date, you can get the IC date by using +rl2ic. Example: +rl2ic September 30 2010 12:00:00

  • For 'rl_date=', fill in the RL date of the scene, in MM/DD/YYYY format — e.g., 09/30/2010.
    • If you have the IC date, you can get the RL date by using +ic2rl. Example: +ic2rl December 22 2007 12:00:00

    • If you have neither date, fill out the time area using question marks for the parts you don't know — e.g., 04/??/2010 or ??/??/???? if you're totally lost.

  • Under 'cast=', fill in the players in the scene. Each name must be the name of their page, surrounded by two pairs of square brackets — e.g., [[Bob]], so that it will link to that page.

  • After 'setting='Paste in the setting for your log, formatted as you like it. It is generally easiest to put the room desc of the location the scene took place in. A return to the next line with no blank line between is <br />, and if you wish to insert a tab, use {{pad|3em}}. If the location has its own page, please use {{:Location Name/Description}} here to pull in the description — for example, Pizza Palace would be {{:Pizza Palace/Description}}.

  • Copy the log of your scene from your file, and paste it after 'log='.
    • Make sure you clean it up and remove OOC chatter (unless it clarifies things or is particularly funny).
      • To format OOC chatter, italicize each line (you can add '' to the beginning and end of each line by hand, or highlight it and use the button at the top of the entry box) and follow the line with <br />, like so:
''<OOC> Bob says, "Dude, wait, where was the pig again?"''<br />
''<OOC> GM says, "Sitting on Jane's suitcase."''<br />
''<OOC> Jane says, "Your MOM'S a suitcase.''<br />
''<OOC> Bob says, "Okay. Wait, what?"''
  • Putting a blank line between each pose makes the log easier to read.
  • Save the page.

If all's gone well, you've created your log!

If any of this is still confusing, there's a small example here.

Step 2: Add the Log to Your Page

If you've added your character's name correctly in the cast section, the log should automagically add itself to your wiki page.

Tada! You have created and linked a log!