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{{ rplogs<|rl or ic> }}

This template will automagically generate a list of all logs which link to the name of the page, in order from oldest to newest.

Credit for the idea and the first version of code for this template goes to whoever made the similar template at Haunted Memories. Credit where credit is due!


{{ rplogs }}

The basic, default list. Bulleted, no date shown.

{{ rplogs|ic }}

No bullet, IC date shown.

{{ rplogs|rl }}

No bullet, RL date shown.

Advanced Usage

Some people prefer to put descriptions of the logs, or otherwise adjust the way they're displayed. If you wish to do this, create a page called YourName/AdvLog (i.e., if you're Bob, it would be Bob/AdvLog) and put your version there. For an example, feel free to look at Petra/AdvLog (currently done by hand) or Jai/AdvLog (currently done using the LogList template) -- but please don't change them, of course! Any log to which you link on your AdvLog page will be removed from the automatic list, so that you'll get a list beneath your edited version of only any logs you're in, but haven't yet added to your edited list.