KiMo Cafe/Places

From Masq

The laminated photo bar:
A long narrow bar that curves gently. It's a 1950s mint green covered with a thick plastic shellac. Underneath the laminate, there are various black and white photographs of movie greats placed artfully.

The small table stuck too close to the door:
A plain jane flimsy plastic table surrounded by fold-out chairs. People are seated here when the place gets swamped, and they never look too happy about it. In testament to such, a profuse amount of gum and other adhesive doodads have been applied to the underside in silent protest.

The large table in the middle of the room:
This table has been designed to accommodate a larger party. An entire white wooden door, sans doorknob, sits atop two sawhorses, securely fastened. None of the chairs match. A few are from different dining room sets -- one with no arms, another without a back.

The triangular Ouija board table:
An eclectic one of a kind type table. Within a honey brown wood surface, someone has inset a honest-to-goodness Ouija board. Of course, they've also covered the whole thing with a heavy acrylic shellac and created an object d'art rather than a conduit to the spirit world. Each iron-wrought chair has a colorful, oversized square cushion one might imagine to find on the floor of a harem.

The tiki torch booth of fun:
This festive booth is replete with plush plastic red vinyl seats, tiki torches at either side of the bench backs, and a gigantic faux pineapple filled with various sweeteners. Part of an old-style surfboard emblazoned with the words 'Blue Hawaii' serves as the table.

The dimly lit half-booth for two:
A remote little lover's nook or a bit of solitude for one. A worn wooden bench facing away from the crowd with only space for two. The table itself is a yellow glittery plastic with metallic trim.