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Its early. There is the smell if sizzling bacon in the air and a group of fiesty college type kids are crowded in a corner talking in excited tones about something. Wren is at the counter, eyeing the menu and the server both. "Yeah, eggs. With lots of cheese. Please. And an orange."

Meghan wanders in, looking bleary eyed and still half-asleep. Her sunglasses are perched atop her head, hold a few strands of hair out of her face. It's the universal look of people who worked the swing shift the day before and are working the early shift today. She makes her way to the order counter and leans on her elbow, smiling tiredly. "Hey Robby," she says in friendly greeting to the kid behind the counter. He grins at her and says, "Mornin' Detective Sawyer. The usual?" Meg nods and gives him a thumbs-up. "You're the best."

Early, indeed, and Jacob isn't exactly an early sort, judging by the way he only really looks half-awake when he heads inside. After checking the time, he heads over toward the counter, avoiding the corner with the massive amounts of college kids and falling in line behind the folks already there and stifling a yawn. He's not a morning person.

Wren doesn't seem to be overly happy about the time of day either. But she is here. And there is a briefcase on the counter next to her, which Meg gets a good eye ful of if she wants. Paying up for her meal, she glances aside at the other woman. "Detective." Its like a greeting. Like some people say hello.

Meg looks over and smiles a friendly smile at the other woman. There's a searching look and then she snaps her fingers and her look brightens, "Doctor Morgan, right? Good morning! Sorry, my butt's in line, but my brain's still back in the graveyard shift." The detective looks around at the restaurant and then back to Wren as she teases, "You know, if it weren't for this place I don't think I'd ever get a decent meal." Something like awareness of her surroundings kicks in and she nods casually at the briefcase, "Looks like I'm not the only one working early."

Wren wrinkles her nose at Meg but shares an easy smile, "I like to get the paper work done in the morning, before things blow up. Seems a lot more cases seem to start at night than during the day though. Funny, that." Collecting her food, she steps to the side then takes a step back as she intends to turn and head toward a table. She firmly smashes Jacob's foot though. Ouch! and gives a little jump when she does. "Whoops!"

"Just coffee, someone'll be joining me here in a few," Jake orders once he's able, passing over the cash for that much. And then he's getting run over! Well, that's a wake-up call. He jerks back a step as he's stomped on, and his gaze, mildly irritated, flicks up to Wren. At least, the irritation doesn't really /last/ long. Early morning grumpiness. "That might work better than the coffee," he says, wryly.

Meghan gives Wren a knowing look as she mentions cases picking up at night, "Tell me about it," she says, and laughs. She smiles warmly as Jacob steps up in line and says brightly, "Morning." Just a part of the friendly APD service to make the city a little brighter. Granted, she looks like anything but a cop right now, decked out with all her piercings, but maybe it's casual Fridays at the APD, or she's working undercover to break up the Goth Mafia's BDSM prostitution ring. Her eyes go wide and she moves quickly as Jake gets bowled over, reaching out a hand to help steady him if it's needed. She says with a laugh, "Don't make me call a crossing guard down here to direct traffic!" And about that time her coffee arrives, along with what appears to be a plate of the Scrambled Vegans. Life is good!

Wren shakes her head at Jake, "So sorry. I'm not at my best in the morning. My people radar gets all fuzzy." she grins. "I'll buy you breakfast to make up for the pain?" she certainly knows how to make up! To the detective, "I'd rather not. There's enough grief without dredging up the shit I've got to wade through. Want company?"

And, there goes the grumpiness. Hey, free food! Jake chuckles. "Well, /that's/ not really necessary, I don't think I have permanent damage or anything." He shrugs a shoulder, though. "No big deal." And, likewise to the detective, "Though, yeah, some sort of traffic-person might be worthwhile. This early..." He trails off with a wry grin.

The detective nods knowingly at Jacob and says, "This early in the morning anything could happen, right? But hey, no blood, no foul!" She takes up her plate and the mug of (black) coffee and nods quickly at Wren, "Sure thing, Doctor. I can always deal with company in the mornings. Otherwise I end up falling asleep in the booth and my tofu gets soggy." She makes her way to a booth in the direction Wren was going before she... well... ran over Jacob. She slips into the booth, making herself at home with one leg folded underneath her, and slips the paper ring off her silverware-napkin rollup.

Wren points at Jacob too, "You should join us too. If you won't let me pay your way, at least let me entertain you." in a non naughty way. She flashes him a smile then ambles on over toward the table. Settling herself in the seat opposite the detective, the red head wonders, "Tofu?"

Jacob's coffee is delivered, and he accepts it with a thanks to the cashier. He doesn't order any breakfast yet, though. "Sure," he accepts readily enough, wandering over toward the booth they've seated themselves at; instead of choosing one side or the other, he snags a chair to drag over, though. "So long as your friend here doesn't mind." That's given with a crooked grin over toward Meghan.

The dark-haired woman wrinkles her nose and nods at Wren. "It's not so bad once you get used to it, and it keeps me in shape. Besides, who really needs to eat meat before lunch time?" She takes a sip of her coffee, closing her eyes to savor the taste and then looks over to Jacob. "Not at all! Sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Meghan Sawyer, APD Major Crimes. I'm usually a little more with it, but I finally got to bed at about 1:30, so part of me thinks it's still asleep."

Wren grins at Meg then glances over at Jacob. "I'm Wren. Dr. Wren Morgan, APD Shrink." she smiles a little. "And I havn't actually been to bed yet. I'll sleep somewhere around noon." she stirs her eggs and cheese then sets out to consume her very unvegan meal. "I could never get into the taste." she shares with the other woman. "Or maybe its the texture." she shrugs. "But I tend to forget meals. If this place wasn't here? I'd prolly forget to eat." didn't Meg just say that earlier?

Jacob takes a seat, taking a sip of his (very black) coffee. "Yeah, I don't think I could ever eat that stuff," he admits with a vague wrinkle of his nose. "Name's Jake Riese. Work as a bartender. So this is sorta obnoxiously early for me. My first food of the day is usually -lunch-."

Meghan works her way through her breakfast, eating quickly and unself-consciously, but at least managing to maintain a /little/ bit of decorum. She chews with her mouth closed! "It really tastes like nothing by itself, but they spice it just right so that it's almost like sausage. It's great. Definitely an acquired thing though." She's seated at a booth with Wren and Jacob, one leg folded under her, with a plate of tofu hash and a cup of black coffee.

Wren offers Jake a sweet smile, "I suggest that you kick whoever made you get up early in the ass then. -I- at least get to sleep later. What are the odds that you'll be sleeping again today?" she's got a plate of scrambled eggs covered in cheddar and an orange. No drink in sight.

"Pretty good," Jake replies with a tired grin. "And, I don't think that'd be a good idea. I should probably kick -myself-, considering I said, 'hey, yeah, early breakfast would be fun." He doesn't seem like he's /really/ complaining, though.

Speaking of people and mornings, Zoie runs into the area. The girl seems like she's already late for something and doesn't realize that the door is a pull not a push. This means there is a loud CRA-THUD-BANG. Zoie's nose implants to the door as she takes a breath and is knocked backwards on her ass. Zoie looks around and tosses her hair from her face hoping that no one saw that little faux pas. Of course, she slowly moves to her feet and /pulls/ the door open. The young woman walks into the shop in a sheepish manner.

Maybe she doesn't /see/ it, but it's kind of hard for Meg not to /hear/ it. She starts, looking over her shoulder and says, "Oh no, did another bird fly i--" Oh. Her mouth closes with a nigh-audible click. She glances at Wren and says, "Think I should call for medical?" The staff at least seem to be used to this kind of thing happening. It's probably a good day when no hungover frat boys throw up on anything after a Lobos game.

Everyone saw that. Or at least saw her on her ass and know what happened. The group of college kids in the corner give Zoie a cheer when she finally gets into the diner, a few even whistle. Mortified much? Wren is also looking though she seems to be wincing, not cheering. "Naw. She's not bleeding." Wren votes, to Meg. "An I'd like to see that." she says to Jake. She's got a texan drawl, by the way. Pure southern with attitude.

Jacob starts at the loud bang, gaze jerking up toward the door. And, he winces. "Shit, be right back." And, he gets up to go meet Zoie by the door (though he leaves the coffee on the table). He has a good poker face, anyway. "Hey, you alright?"

Zoie is a brand new shade of red that is called Zoiesque. Her eyes are wide with humiliation as she looks towards the college kids and then Jacob is right there. "I fink zo." Zoie's green eyes look up at him for a few long moments before she offers weakly, "Ninda door?"

Meghan pauses with a mouthful of tofu and shredded potato in her mouth, chewing away as she favors Zoie with /such/ a pitying look. She's not the only one who's run face first into a door, apparently! We all have bad days. She nods again at Wren and says, "Yeah, I think you're right." She perks up as Jacob goes to look after her and says, "Ooo, white knight to the rescue. Chivalry isn't dead!"

Wren nods quietly and watches the Jake/Zoie exchange with a little smile curling her lips. "There are a few of them left." she agrees. Her tone hints at a sort of knowing quality, like she might have one of her own hidden away some where. "Its cute."

"Lemme see." Jake tips a finger under her chin as though inspecting her face, and then gives a crooked grin. "I'm not a doctor, but doesn't look broken." That's gentle teasing, a bit. "And yeah, I think you gave the door what-for. Anyway, was just talking to a couple folks, you wanna come join us?"

Someone has +voted for you. Keep up the good work! Zoie blushes all the more when Jake touches under her chin. Her eyes warm just a bit to the treatment and her lips curl upwards into a shy smile. "If.. If I'm not.. interrupting." Zoie forcefully pulls her eyes from the man to look towards the others with a sheepish smile.

Wren needs pop corn. Thats what you eat during chick flicks and the Jake Zoie encounter is oh so sweet. The red head gives a little smile then pops another bit of cheesey egg into her mouth. A smile is offered toward the girl when she looks back toward the table. No, we don't bite. Much.

"Nah. C'mon." Jake heads over toward the table again - he has a chair pulled out at the head of the booth. "Ladies. My excuse for being up this early," he gives as an introduction, coupled with a slight grin.

Zoie wraps her hand on Jake's arm a bit as they walk over. She blushes and lowers her head in a sincere coyness. Her eyes move over the others and offers a soft, timid, "Hi."

Wren returns the hi with one of her own, "Howdy." and poor Meg has to slip out of the booth. She's lifting her phone to her ear as she lifts a hand in a wave and heads out. "My friend has some business to take care of. " Jacob gives a wave after Meghan as she leaves. "No worries. Hope it's nothing serious." There's an underlying 'because it's probably cop business' there, but.

Zoie smiles vibrantly to Wren. "I'm Zoie." She holds out her hand to the woman and grins a bit. "I um.. I'm sorry about the door. I.." She looks over at Jacob thoughtfully and then back.

Wren nods at the two, "Likely." she agrees but offers no details. "I'm Wren. And .. don't worry about it. I'm sure the door had it coming." her eyes twinkle at the other woman. Jacob refrains from comment about the door. "I'm gonna go grab a breakfast burrito or something. You want anything?" This is directed toward Zoie.

Zoie smiles towards Jacob with a shy sort of smile. "Surprise me." She watches him walk away and smiles in that dreamy fashion behind his back. Then Zoie shakes her head and smiles to Wren. "So.. are you from around her?" Her accent is decidedly New Yorker.

Wren shakes her head at Zoie, "Naw. I hail from Texas." her eyes twinkle merrily. "Just moved here .. to be closer to family." she pauses, leaning back in her seat. "What brigs you all?"

Jacob thumbs-up and heads over to the counter to nab food. Yay, food.

Zoie smiles to that. "Well, I sort of just wanted a new change of scene you know?" Her eyes flit back towards Jacob like one would a security blanket. A sigh is taken into her lungs and then released. "Sooo.. you work here?" Now paging Lady Obvious and her super friends.

Wren shakes her head slowly. "Naw. I work .. for the APD. I'm a psychatrist." she pauses then smiles slowly, "Amongst other things. What do you do?"

Zoie's jaw drops open like more than flies can take shelter. "Oh.. I just thought. I mean you were here and.. oh I.. I mean.. I.. you don't look like.. I mean.. oh.. um." She takes a breath. "I'm a student. I'm still sort of looking for work."

Wren laughs lightly at Zoe's discomfort then waves it off. "Don't worry about it. I am not attempting to look the part so, why would you think it of me?"

Zoie smiles apologetically. "I just thought since you were here and I don't know carry yourself in ways that I guess are.. full of um.. confidence." She shrugs a bit and lowers her lashes over her emerald eyes.

And, a few minutes later, Jake returns with a couple of breakfast burritos and an extra cup of coffee, which he sets on the table as he re-claims his seat. "Potato, egg, and cheese--" He points to one, "And bacon, egg, and cheese. Pick whichever one y'want."

Wren nods at Zoie. "See? perfectly understandable." she looks amused, really. "Hi again." she greets Jake and then.. well, the people who work at he APD sure seem to get a whole lot of phone calls. Wren gets one herself. She looks down at the message then winces. "I .. have to take this."

Zoie looks up at Jake when he comes back with food. She smiles. "You are the man, you have the meat." There is a widening of her eyes. "I mean you can have the meat. No.. wait. I mean the bacon. You can chew the ba.. you can have the one you wan.. you." Zoie stops and gives a pathetic sound in the back of her throat. Then she shuts her eyes and tries again. "You can have the bacon one."

Jacob lifts both his brows at that, hand sliiiding over to snag the bacon one while she fumbles with the words. "I'm gonna start writing these down," he muses, and then nods to Wren. "No prob. Thanks for the company."

Zoie watches Wren leave and then smiles. "Are you going to um... are you going to walk around with a recorder so you can just hear my voice?" She leans in to nudge his shoulder with her own.

Jacob chuckles, unwrapping the breakfast burrito from the foil and taking a bite from it. "Maybe. Or maybe so I can splice together all the bits like the shower stuff and then that," he teases. He looks a little tired. Probably had work last night. And he's braving breakfast!

Zoie takes a bite of her burrito when he says that. There is a sound of her gasping for air as she chokes on the food. "You want to hear me talk about your meat in the shower?" She stares at him and then looks concerned at the tiredness. "Did.. did you work last night?"

Jacob laughs at that. "I think we probably oughtta move on to another subject," he grins, and then shrugs a shoulder. "Yeah. Didn't get out 'til late, nearly 3 AM. Was a slow clean-up last night."

Zoie blushes. "I thought shower time was the third date. You know.. the put out dat..." Zoie coughs. "Oh hon, why did you come out for breakfast? You should be in bed, did you even sleep yet?" One hand comes up to attempt to check for a temperature. You know, because when you are tired, you fever or something.

"I slept," he protests, from around a mouthful of burrito. Ahem, don't be gross. He swallows before continuing. He doesn't pull away, though, and he's perfectly cool to the touch. "I thought I'd be home before that." And, blue eyes cut up to hers, lit with a spark of humor. "Oh, so third date, huh?" Grin.

Zoie smiles a bit to that. "Well.. I mean if we get there and you want to." Her eyes are wide and innocent as she says this. Then she leans in as if to kiss his cheek, but stops and brushes his hair first. "I don't really want to be .. you know.. I mean if we do it.. it doesn't mean that I'll.. you know.."

Jacob blinks up a little owlishly, like he isn't quite sure what to make of this. So, he's careful. Careful's good. "Doesn't mean what?" His voice quiets a notch, too.

Zoie's cheeks burn. "That if we.. we get.. a um.. third date that I'll um.. you know." She looks at him and leans in to whisper it as if it's the virtual sin of sins. "Do it."

Jacob quirks a slight smile at that, looking just a little bewildered. "I'm not expecting anything," he says, musingly. "What brought that up, anyway?"

Zoie smiles shyly and eats more of the food. "Well you were talking about the shower and that made me think of you naked." Pause. "Wait that came out wrong. No.. no wait.. it came out right but." Zoie pouts a bit and leans to give a soft thump on his shoulder. "Why do you always make me all flustered?"

Liane has arrived.

Zoie is sitting with Jacob. They have breakfast burritos as it is breakfast time. They are also talking.

Jacob chuckles, bumping her shoulder with his. "Because I'm just that good at it. And if I remember right, -you- brought up the shower thing." He gives a rogueish grin that's only slightly tempered by the fact it's early in the morning.

Zoie smiles to him and then reaches out to switch their burritos. That's right, she's a dirty food switcher. "You are only that good because you've had thirty minutes of sleep. I mean really, I don't blame you. I wouldn't sleep if I got to meet up with me."

Liane walks into the Rise'n'Shine, looking tired. And a bit grumpy. A rather tall native american woman follows her, looking a touch annoyed -- in fact, they both look grumpy. By unspoken, mutual consent they seem to split up after reaching the counter, either not knowing one another or pretending not to.

Jacob is, if nothing else, complacent early in the morning. He allows her to swap the burritos with nothing else aside from arched brows, and then shrugs and just starts eating -that- one. It's all food. "Y'could've told me you wanted the bacon one," says he. "And see, that's exactly it." He glances up as the door opens, and then blinks once. "Huh. I've met her before."

Zoie smiles. "I didn't really. I just.." Now she has switcher guilt. "Pilfered food tastes better." Her own gaze swings to the door and there is a pause. A arch of her brows and then a vague look of concern. "Oh.. um.. I.. " Yep, she's all full of words this one.

Oh, mornings. Stupid mornings. Or afternoons, or -- it doesn't matter. There's /sun/ outside, and Liane is breaking out into barely-seen freckles! Clearly a terrible thing. Grouchy Liane is still rather meek, however, avoiding looking at anyone and ordering in a bare whisper at the counter, hovering around there to wait for her delicious foodstuffs. Maybe that'll cheer her up!

Jacob doesn't argue. "I think I actually like this one better," he mutters around a mouthful of breakfast burrito, and then glances up towards the counter, looking -almost- about to say something - and then back at Zoie with an arched brow at the look of concern. "Eh?"

Zoie takes a breath. It is one of those steeling oneself breaths. Zoie looks ready to crawl through the floor but instead she offers a weak, "Liane?" The blonde shifts closer to Jacob though as she turns her attention towards the woman.

Liane's head doesn't rise from its downward, 'how interesting is the floor' position, but her eyes flick around the room. Then her head lifts, and she actually looks around, trying to pinpoint who said it. The rather tall woman who came in with her motions with a nod towards Jacob's table, and Liane just looks even more baffled. She hesitates, before drifting over to the table. "S-s-sorry, did o-one of you...c-c-call me?" She looks...just a touch confused.

Jacob's brows raise and he gives Zoie a querying glance. When Liane comes over, though, he just proceeds to take another bite out of his burrito and gesture over toward the woman beside him with a 'I dunno' sort of shrug. Yes, he's helpful.

Zoie coughs softly and then offers her hand. She tries to channel someone else it seems and smiles a bit braver. "Liane? It's me Zoie Croft."

Liane eyes the hand. It's a rather...unhappy look, and a touch resigned. But Liane does raise her own (gloved) hand and places it in Zoie's...where it lies, limp, without applying a single bit of pressure, and is removed as soon as socially acceptable (and likely quickly enough to be almost rude. "Z-z-zoie...oh, F-f-father knew a C-c-croft." A quick glance at Zoie -- but all eye contact is avoided, at any and all costs! -- "Y-you must b-be th-their daughter? Th-they had several, I th-think. O-one went out with one of m-my brothers."

Jacob just listens to this conversation, gaze swapping between them with a sort of mild interest that is rivaled by finally finishing off that breakfast burrito. He balls up the foil it was wrapped in and tosses it on the table, and his only contribution is a wry, "Smallll world."

Zoie's face loses all color. "Y.." She looks towards Jacob and blinks rapidly. A smile curves onto her lips. "Yeah, I'm sure Amanda dated one, it sounds like her." She shifts around a bit and then clears her throat. "Yeah, it's a small world. We were just finishing breakfast. How are you?"

Liane seems to still be trying to place Zoie, all a-puzzled. "N-n-no longer in th-therapy.. And m-married. I s-s-suppose you c-could say eloped. I'm p-planning on t-telling m-my parents b-b-before the end of this m-month." Liane does not comment on the smallness of the world. "H-have you seen P-patricia yet? Miss R-radcliffe. I don't r-remember if you knew her or n-not. She used to g-gather us all and b-b-babysit during th-those fundraiser events. B-but she's in Ab-b-b-buq-q-q-q..." A click of her tongue against the roof of her mouth, a flash of irritation. "...th-this c-city."

Jacob just listens to the pair, and stifles a yawn. And nudges Zoie. "Think I'm gonna go catch a few more z's. But I'll be around later, yeah?" And, he nods to Liane. "Thanks again for the cookies the other day. They were pretty awesome."

Zoie shakes to that. "I have not met her yet." She turns to Jacob and gives almost a pleading look before she offers. "Okay.. we.. we can do this again?" Her eyes study his. "I don't want to deprive you, your quotes." There is a pause of uncertainty and then she grins. "Sleep well and um.. call me later?" She then turns to look at Liane. "Married?"

Liane pulls off a glove and holds up a hand. A rather large, beautiful stone glitters and glimmers in the light, set in a fall of golden leaves. Rather pretty. She also blushes, and a faint smile unconsciously forms on her lips. Apparently the honeymoon gush-period isn't over yet. "Y-yes. It's W-w-wiggins-Greyhawk now." ' "Definitely," Jake replies, leaning over and giving her a kiss on the cheek. And then he rises, taking the trash with him. "See you guys around." And, he's out.

Zoie blushes at the kiss on her cheek and presses her fingers to the spot. Those emerald eyes are looking him over before she grins. Her smile growing by the moment. "O... kay." Zoie focuses on Liane to that. "Oh! Well that is exciting."

Liane is lost in some sort of haze of fuzzy wedding memories or some nonsense. Jacob leaving causes her to glance over, however, and return sadly to this world. "Ah. G-g-goodbye." SHe says politely, tugging her glove back on.

Zoie looks a bit confused. "Why are you here?" She tries to remember if there was any rumors about that. She studies her for a long moment. "Are you happy here?"

There were rumors! Mostly of the Wiggins daughter being institutionalized. Mental-ward style. And talk of violence. And of her moving off with her grandmother...six years ago or so. Depending on Zoie's age, she probably wasn't told very much about it. "I m-moved here. I g-g-go to the u-u-university. And y-yes, I am." There's a warm smile from Liane, directed at the city in general. "Th-this is...an am-m-m-mazing c-c-city. And the p-people are w-w-wonderful. I've m-made f-friends." Liane says this as if 'making friends' is like 'making a functional robot out of toothpicks and dust bunnies'.

Zoie considers the girl for a moment and then smiles more warmly. "Well tell me a.." Then it's as if a thought occurs to her. "Wait.. you know Jake? Do you know him well?"

Liane shakes her head. "N-no. H-he...I've only m-met him t-t-twice. He's...s-social." Liane's idea of 'social' does not seem to imply a positive. "And f-for most of one m-m-meeting I w-was in a t-tree."

The native american woman from before walks over to the table, a plate of food in her hand. "You forgot this." She remarks, setting it on the table in front of Liane. The woman is at LEAST five-ten, and towers over the poor, five-three, five-five-with-heels Liane.

"Oh. Th-thank you, D-d-danny."

Zoie takes a breath and pouts a bit. "I was hoping to get more insight about it." She gives a bright smile though before she looks up at the tall woman. She doesn't have heels and has a height issue herself. There is a silence that comes with the woman's presence. "Who... who is she?"

"Oh! I'm s-s-sorry. D-danny, Z-zoie C-croft. Z-zoie, R-radiant Sands. Sh-she's one of m-my tribe." Note that Liane is a slice o' white without a /hint/ of Amerindian (it's easier than typing out native american!) blood in her.

Danny meets Zoie's bright smile with a stoic, somewhat bored expression, giving a nod. "H-hello." Then a look over at Liane, "I'm going to go get the supplies. You have one hour before your shift begins." And then off goes Danny!