From Masq

MUSH is new to some of you and probably a little daunting. To ease your feelings of panic, we offer a very basic list of commands that will get you looking around and using the various features of the game.

"<message>                You say <message>.

Say <message>             See above.

ooc <message>             Makes an out-of-character (OOC) statement or pose.

page <person>=<message>   Pages <person> with an OOC <message>.

look                      Shows you the room you are standing in.

look <object or person>   Shows the desc for that object or person.

pose <message>            You pose <message>
; <message>               You pose <message>

For example,
; grins. "Hello!"
Bubba grins.  "Hello!"

WHO                       Shows a list of who is connected to the MUSH.

+who                      Shows the locations of those set !UNFINDABLE.

+staff                    Shows connected Staff.
+staff/list               Shows the active staff roster.
+staff/all                Shows all the staff, including non-active builder bits.

NOTE: MUSH commands may be case sensitive. You can always page a staffer for help.

"+beginner" recalls this file.