From Masq

+finger <person>

The command gives you a brief summary of IC and OOC information about <person>. Some of this information is generated automatically by the game, but you may alter your name (help @name), alias (help @alias), full name (&FULLNAME me=<text>), Demeanor (&Demeanor me=<text>), Roleplay preferences (&RP-PREFS me=<text>) and Position (&POSITION me=<text>).

The remainder of the +finger is optional: Email (&EMAIL), WWW (&URL me=<text>), Alt Characters (&ALTS me=<text>), Quote (&QUOTE me=<text>) and Online Times (&OFF-HOURS), and if they are not set they will not be seen.

<text> may contain the %r (newline), %t (tab) and %b (single blank space) characters to aid formatting.

It is STRONGLY suggested that you keep your +finger to below a page (24 lines) in length.

+finger with no argument will show the name, &sex and &position of all online players.

Masquerade staff will see additional fields.