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University Hospital is part of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and the primary teaching hospital for the UNM School of Medicine. The Emergency and Trauma center of the University Hospital is one of the busiest in the state. To become employed by this fine institution, send a +request to staff.

If you are unlucky enough to need the hospital's services, the following commands are available:

+hospital/readchart <player>

+hospital/roster gives a list of IC hospital employees and their positions.

+hospital/admissions gives a quick summary of the procedure to get admitted to the hospital.

+hospital/visitors explains visiting hours and rules of conduct.

+hospital/policies lists other general hospital policies.

+hospital/ccrc describes the Custom Care Recovery Center, a convalescent facility attached to the main hospital.

Lastly, +hospital/readchart <player> allows visitors in a hospital room to read an admitted patient's bedside chart.

Hospital Staff Commands

+hospital/show id
+hospital/show id to <player>
+hospital/admit <player>
+hospital/discharge <player>

The first two commands allow hospital personnel to show their official employee ID cards either to the room or a specific player.

+hospital/patients lists the people who are currently admitted to the hospital as patients.

The admit/discharge commands should be fairly self-explanatory.

+hospital/readchart <player>
+hospital/addchart <player>=<text>
+hospital/editchart <player>=<old text>/<new text>

+hospital/addrecord <player>=<text>
+hospital/remrecord <player>
+hospital/editrecord <player>=<old text>/<new text>
+hospital/readrecord <player>

The player's chart is the chart at the end of his/her bed, and is semi-public knowledge, so it should contain a basic summary. Charts may only be added to/edited once a player has been admitted; once they are discharged, the chart is automatically wiped.

The player's record can be elaborate; it is the permanent hospital record and remains on file. Certain commands require certain levels of authority to be able to be used.