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+info <name>
&INFO-<section> me=<text>

These commands allow you to add info files to your character to represent what others know about you. The first form of the command shows you your info, and the second and third commands allow you to see info on others, or to read your own info sections.

The General info file is the default shown, and it is set by using &INFO-GENERAL me=<text>. You can set other infos that will be visible to everyone, such as &INFO-FAME me=<text>.

Race and Group infos can only be seen by you, and by members of that race or group. Anyone can set any Race or Group info on themselves that's useful to represent IC knowledge. There's no reason, for example, that a Vampire couldn't have a Werewolf info on themselves to show Werewolves what they would know. These infos are set with &INFO-RACE-<race> me=<text> and &INFO-GROUP-<group> me=<text>.

Race info can be set for Human, Vampire, Werewolf, and other changing breeds such as Corax or Mokole. (&INFO-RACE-CORAX me=<text>, for example.) Currently functioning groups include Numina, clans (&INFO-GROUP-VENTRUE me=<text>), and Shifter Tribes. Spaces should be replaced with underscores, for example: &INFO-GROUP-SHADOW_LORDS me=<text>.

There are also groups configured for Police, University, and Hospital players, which follow the INFO-GROUP-<group> convention. It is easy to add new groups, so if you think of a restricted group that should be added, please +request it!