From Masq

+jnote/set <target>=<note>
+jnote/read <target>
+jnote/delete <target>=<#>
+jnote/show <name>=<target>/<#>

The +jnote/set command adds a timestamped judgenote to yourself or items/rooms under your control. Judgenotes are notes intended to describe unusual or special features (such as extra security, magical wards, etc.) or other RP-related information. +jnote/read allows you to access all the notes currently stored on the <target>, while +jnote/delete enables you to delete specific notes.

The +jnote/show command is useful for quickly proving the existence of these features to other players (use *<name> if the character is in a different room).

Once you have set the jnote, you can put in a +request for staff to approve it, which will 'lock' it into place.

Please DO NOT include the | symbol in your jnotes, as it can cause problems with the code.

+jnote/set me=While wandering in the Misty Mountains during tonight's scene, Bilbo found a strange gold ring. He plans to keep it in his pocket.
+jnote/set Ring=This gold ring renders any wearer invisible and adds +4 to Stealth rolls.
+jnote/read me
+jnote/delete me=1
+jnote/show Gollum=Ring/1
+jnote/show *Gandalf=Ring/1