From Masq

+lang/learn <language>
+lang/select <language>
+speak ;/:<text>

These commands allow you to learn languages from the list. +lang/learn will learn the language, and +lang/select allows you to select which language will be spoken when you use the +speak command.

The +speak command now takes colon/semi-colon pose substitutions, and text contained within the first and second double quotes (only) will be considered as being in the language for the purposes of this command. For example, all these will produce sensible results:

+speak Hello.
+speak ; spins round, "What? You speak Serbo-Croat too?!"
+speak :shrugs, "So what?" he grunts.

Buglet: A period immediately preceding the first double quote is not handled gracefully. Sorry.

Also, using ( or ) will confuse the code.