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+rec <name>=<reason>

The first command allows you recommend <name> for a bonus XP award based on <reason>. Use this command to let staff know that someone has done a particularly good job with a scene or a string of scenes. Please give details in the <reason> for why you think the player deserves the recommendation. The player will be notified of the recommendation after you send it.

This command is to be used in addition to the regular +xp/vote command. You may also use this command to send extra props to a staff member if you feel they're doing a good job or ran an excellent scene, etc. We like positive feedback too!

The second command lets you see any pending XP recommendations you may have.

The third command lets you see who you've given +recommendations to and when, with the option to only show you the last10 recommendations you've given.

The forth command lets you see past +recommendations given to you. It can be a nice pick-me-up if you're feeling down! The last command lets you just see the last 10 recommendations.
WARNING: Do not use if you have never gotten a +recommendation. It may add to increased feelings of +emo. :|

All recommendations are reviewed by staff. This command is not automated.

See also: +help xp