From Masq

Masq has robust dice code to meet nearly every situation. The following two commands will get you through 90% of the rolling you need to do in the game. When you run these commands, the results show to everyone in the room with you. Staff sees all rolls for debugging and judging purposes.

Wound penalties are automatically accounted for in your rolls. Automatic successes for Potence are included by default.

                +roll <stat1> + <stat2>=<difficulty>

Example: +roll Wits + Alertness=6 Result: VERIFY(SJRX) Augury rolls wits + alertness against 6 and gets 1 success. Note: Rolls typically consist of an Attribute and Ability (see your +sheet for examples of which stats are which).

Sometimes you want to roll a single stat:

                      +roll <stat>=<difficulty>

Example: +roll SelfControl=8 VERIFY(NFPC) Augury rolls SelfControl against 8 and gets 2 successes.

Sometimes you only want particular people to see your roll, or people who are not in the room with you to see it.

   +roll <stat1> + <stat2>=<difficulty> > Player1,Player2,Player3

Example: +roll Dexterity + Dodge=6>Augury,Fang,Fortune VERIFY(PHNG) Augury rolls Dexterity + Dodge against 6 and gets 3 successes. Sent to: Augury, Fortune, and Fang Note: Only yourself, Augury, Fortune and Fang would see this roll.

     All positions after Player1 are optional.

For more complicated rolling scenarios, like combat and +myjobs see +help roll2

As you advance in the game, you'll learn there's different types of modifiers and scenarios for dice.

The following modifiers can be added to a roll:

!nowound   : Omits wound penalties for things like soak rolls.
!quiet     : Shows your roll only to yourself and not your room.
!10again   : Rerolls 10s for stats with specialties
!job#      : Adds the results of your roll to job#.
!willpower : Automatically spends willpower for a free success.

These modifiers can be inserted anywhere in your roll, with one important exception. For any roll involving another player's stat(s) as the target difficulty, the modifier MUST be placed before the target difficulty, otherwise an error will occur. You can add multiple modifiers to a single roll.

+roll Stamina=6 !nowound
+roll Manipulation+Subterfuge=6 !quiet !10again
+roll Charisma+Subterfuge !willpower=Dick's Willpower
+roll Intelligence+Research=6 !job99
+roll Wits+Occult !willpower=Tom's Wits+Tom's Courage

See +help roll3, for more information on dice shortcuts and verification.

+roll $<shortcut>

+shortcuts comprises a list of some of the rolls typically used in basic combat scenes. See +help init for info on the coded initiative system.

As +shortcuts are for basic scenes, to help players run combat amongst themselves, it is not possible to override the default difficulty listed in +shortcuts, nor add a playerlist or modifiers to a shortcut +roll.

Example: +roll $soak -- instead of having to +roll stamina !nowound=6

Lastly, +roll/verify lists out the last 15 dice rolls that you witnessed. If you are concerned about spoofing, you can compare the four digit ID of the +roll you saw to the contents of this verification log.