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+stat/list <type>

These commands list all available stats: attributes, abilities (broken into talents, skills and knowledges), backgrounds, disciplines for vampires, gifts for shifters, and miscellaneous. Other categories are useful only for coders, so you should ignore them; mortals don't need a 'Mortal' stat on their sheet, for example. Stats marked with a * are generally not available to players. This does NOT mean "pester your ST for them because you're a special case", either. ;)


statmatch() returns the attribute name where a stat may be located.

statn() returns the name of a stat from a substring, picking the first available stat that matches the substring - multiple matches are not returned.

[p]stat() returns the value of a player's [permanent] stat.

For example,

> say statn(dri)

You say "Drive"

> say statmatch(Drive)

You say "Skills"

> say stat(#13,Drive)

You say "4"

> ex #13/SKILLS

SKILLS: Drive=4:5 Melee=2:2 <etc>

> say pstat(#13,Drive)

You say "5"