From Masq

+view <thing|here>/<view>

The first form of the command checks everything visible in your location, and the room location itself, for view items. The second form of the command allows you to examine them. For example, '+view Fang/slippers', '+view here/menu'.

To set a view item on something you control, set it as an attribute called 'VIEW-<viewname>'. For example, '&VIEW-MENU here=Coffee $1, Tea $2, Soda $5, Tap water $50.'

To remove the item, '&VIEW-MENU here'. Views may be set on anything. Views set on objects which may be set DARK will not be seen when the object is set DARK. Please note that 'view' objects include all senses - sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, anything magickal, should you wish to note the latter publicly, and is also useful for OOC comments regarding NPC behaviour such as bouncers in a bar.