Albuquerque Aquarium/Description

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Albuquerque Biological Park — Albuquerque Aquarium

  As you open the doors of the Albuquerque Aquarium by pulling on the fish shaped handles, you are welcomed into a cool, soothing world of aquatic life which pulses only inches away. A variety of exhibits allow you to take a fascinating journey through the marine habitats of the Gulf of Mexico, from salt marshes to eelgrass meadows to the surf zone, coral reef, and finally, the open ocean. Other major points of interest include the eel cave, the 285,000 gallon shark tank, and the seahorses and seadragons exhibit.
  Sea creatures of all kinds inhabit numerous pools and tanks. There are moray eels, spiny lobsters, shimmering schooling fish, beaky parrotfish, fluttering butterflyfish, and, naturally, plenty of toothy sharks. A darkened hallway with replicas of different sea life on the walls is a great way to learn the names of the different creatures which inhabit our rivers, gulfs and oceans. Several gift shops and the Shark Reef Cafe round out a visit to the Aquarium.

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