From Masq
+bglist                  - List out sections that have been created
+bgadd <#>=<text>        - Add to a background section.
+bgrem <#>=<text>        - Removes text from a background section.
+bgedit <#>=<old>/<new>  - Replaces text in a background section.
+bgclear <#>             - Clears a background section totally.
+bgread me/<#>           - Read a background section.

These commands are used for setting a background. The '<#>' sign in the above commands stands for the number of the section you are working on.

The BG commands allows for multiple sections so that your background can be broken up into reasonably sized pieces of text. Also, there is a size limit to each section so your background will be cut off if it exceeds the limit. 3-5 paragraphs per section is a good estimate depending on overall size. You should start with background section number 1.

Backgrounds created prior to approval will be locked, but further information can be added to new backgrounds post-approval.